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Sudden Strength Loss

So my last couple of times at the gym have been absolutely terrible. I seem to have lost a great deal of strength, my bench alone has dropped by 25 pounds and my deadlift and squat have also suffered greatly. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out a reason for this sudden loss of strength.

A couple of calluses on my hands did rip off a week ago so my grip may not be as strong but would it have that much effect? if anyone has any ideas please tell me because it is really demoralizing.

Grip wouldn’t effect bench and squat. What’s been going on in the past feek weeks? A lot of stress? Changes in diet or sleep cycle? What did your workout look like before the drop and what is it now? I know it’s a lot of questions but just spew out everything you can think of and maybe we can see something that may be causing this.

looks like you need to tweak up something in your training, you might be approaching over-training. Up the cals, lower the volume, get more sleep, one of the three or all of them.

Is it possible you were dehydrated before going to the gym? Nothing will rob you of strength faster.

no my diet hasn’t changed at all, i’ve actually been eating more. Maybe the sleep but i don’t think so. it might be the stress, finals are next week so that might be it. It shouldn’t be overtraining i just got back from taking a week long break about 3 weeks ago.

Yeah i’ve been trying to see what it could be but nothing has changed that could have caused this loss of strenght at least nothing i could think of

You might just need a break. Take a couple of days off and come back. Hell… take a week off. Get some rest, get hydrated,and come back strong. Everyone has bad days.

Just kidding. You don’t need a break… I just read that you just got off of one. Oops! I would bet it’s the stress. I too just got done with finals and I noticed that during my week of educational hell, my lifts went down a little bit. Just don’t add more stress to it by stressing over your decrease. Just relax and press on. Like I said, everyone has bad days. Sometimes we even have bad weeks, months, and years. I just hope it’s not the latter.