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Sudden Low Back Pain While Sitting


Before I go and see a physio I figured I’d check here if anybody has had similar experience. I have a desk job, 9-5 kind, but lift regularly to compensate for it, and consider my 450 deadlift a reasonable strength level for a desk-jockey. It’s been a few weeks since I last did deads however (I literally have no access to any weight or resistance equipment as I’m in the process of moving and planning a wedding and just generally trying not to blow my head off with stress) and just today I had an enveloping, sharp pain in lumbar spine, the very bottom of it, that lasted about 3 seconds and scared the ever-loving shit out of me as it’s been probably 7-8 years since I’ve felt anything of that sort. It mostly went away but there is residual pain still, when I’m sitting, if I allow lumbar spine to bend, and especially if I try to move my chin to the chest - that’s when it get’s nasty.

Now, I’ve had this latter type of thing (the head-bending pain) happen after heavy deadlift days in the past 4-5 times, and it would usually go away on its own, however, I’m wondering if perhaps the very fact that it happens to begin with might imply some level of disc herniation. I don’t get tingly legs or lose sensation or anything of the sort.


Maybe you are tight from not working out, and got a strain or misalignment from moving furniture.

Maybe do some general stretching for neck/back/hips?

I thing it’s probably what you said, a strain. Inactivity is the enemy here. It still hurts today and my ROM is limited, so I’m heatpadding that shit, but hopefully in the next 3-4 days it gets back to a point when I can deadlift again.