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Sudden Loss of Strength in Right Shoulder?

All of a sudden my bench is way down and it feels like there is no power behind my right arm. I had a great bench workout about 3 weeks ago. The following week thought I was having a bad day as my numbers/reps were off so I cut it short and took it as a de-load day. It’s worse now, only able to get 2 reps when I should be getting 9. There is no pain and I can’t think of anything that happened to cause this. Deadlift strength is normal. Vertical pressing is off a little but not as much.

Anybody have any ideas?

could be a pinched nerve. any numbness or pins and needles?

Nothing at all. Very weird.

I did some sets of one arm dumbell bench today to test my strength. I was only able to do sets of 4 reps @ 70lbs with my right my arm while I easily knocked out 10 sets of 10 @ 70lbs with my left arm. My left side has always been weaker than my right. Still no pain but I think my right shoulder might look like it’s hanging a little lower than the left. Or I’m imagining it.

12\6 was my last normal bench workout. 12\13 strength was decreased but only enough that it just seemed like one of those days. 12\20 strength was dramatically worse. 12\27 same. Today it’s more of the same.

Right now I plan on doing one arm dumbell bench twice a week to see if my strength starts to come back.

Any ideas about what’s going on or how to deal with it are appreciated.

if i were you id get a doc appoint and try to get a referral to a physiotherapist or possibly a nuerologist. im no expert on this, but it seems like it could be nerve related. best of luck.

Turns out I have 2 bulging disks in my neck causing a pinched nerve. Nice diagnosis 1000yd. I developed bad neck pain 2 and 1\2 weeks ago and finally went to the Dr. + MRI and there it was. I’ve continued to aggravate it over and over again by lifting but have finally gotten it through my head that I must rest. A pinched nerve will take you down. My bench went from 290 to 185x3 being very tough. Everything started to suffer except squats but apparently heavy squats will aggravate a neck injury too. I finally benched 225 for a couple of singles on Sunday(the fucking horror of typing that!!) but bothered it again so I’m going to stop lifting for a week maybe 2 and see if that does the trick.

Did you ever have surgery? I’m having the same issues. Was working out with 80lbs with 4 sets of 10 on dumbbell press and took a couple weeks off and came back and was warming up with 40lbs and I barely could lift that with my right side.