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Sudden Loss of Strength in Chest


Hey guys. I just recently started lifting again in college after about a 6 month break from full on bodybuilding. Before I quit, I had been going consistently and well for around 2 years. So, coming back I got right back into my old routine working out my chest.

Flat Bench 3 sets of 8 reps
Incline Bence 3 sets of 8 reps
Incline DB fly/bench superset
Cable Flys

By the end of this I was pretty sore and figured I would leave it at that, since I had just started up again. After about 4 days of insane soreness (couldnt even put my shirt on by myself), I was feeling fine again. The next week, when I returned to lift my chest, I noticed that warming up with the bar was a lot tougher than normal. Afterward, I tried to put on my usual 135 warm up and damn near dropped the bar straight on my chest. I had lost all strength completely (i normally rep around 185 8-10 reps for these sets). So I figured, hm, weird, I must just still be sore. Well a week later of giving myself rest in my chest, I returned with hopes to kill a chest workout, and the same exact thing happened. Somebody please tell me what the hell I did to myself? And how can I get back to a chest workout finally. I'm dying without one!