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Sudden Intense Sugar Cravings!


All of the sudden, this past week i have been having the most intense sugar cravings ive ever had! the last couple days, its all i can think about. Usually if i have a sugar craving i can have something a little sweet and it will go away, but that doesnt work anymore and i crave sugar constantly all day.

Normally, i eat a rather healthy and balanced diet. I eat alot of nutrient rich foods and I avoid any kind of sugary drinks or foods and even white flour.

The past 2 months ive been trying to put on weight, so ive been eating a surplus of calories.

What is going on. I try to resist but by the end of the day i give in


Go have some some beverage with artificial sweetener in it to satisfy yourself.


Eat as many sweets as you can possibly shovel down in a 1 hour period. I bet it will kick that craving for a good while and you won't even think about them lol.


if you normally eat well, but are now raising your calories, a lot of the surplus is probably coming from carbs and fat. everyone knows carbs + fat = insulin response. and anyone who was a fat kid knows that insulin makes your blood sugar go up but then under normal levels, which is why some people are always hungry an hour ish after eating. if this is the problem, you will be able to fix it by adding fibrous veggies if you already dont eat enough, or sugar free metamucil which is delicious and is basically a lump in your stomach to slow down digestion.

on a side note, you hear from people who have done the v-diet that 3 weeks without sugar makes you stop really craving it anymore, so you giving in to your urges just makes your body more addicted and your cravings worse next time, so just try to stay clean xD im with you on that boat


Yeah, but i usually eat very little sugar and i'm even moderate in my carb intake,preferring protien and fats. The thing that i don't get is all of the sudden i am having these intense cravings for sugar like i haven't before and i don't know where they are coming from.


It seems all artificial sweetened beverages i can find contain aspartame, from experience i know that i get some pretty bad side effects from aspartame. maybe ill try to find some that contain splenda.

I'm trying to avoid the stuffing of the face with sweets, even when i do give in and do that, i still crave more sugar!


Brush your teeth and use some mouth wash that usually helps me. What I learned not to do is drink a sweet diet soda like Pepsi wild cherry, my cravings drastically increase after.