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Sudden Hair loss

OK, i am a bit concerned here I have had a sudden loss of Hair. Last month I had not even receded really. Now just turning 28, my hair is falling out in clumps over the past 2 weeks. The front half of my scalp is very thin and now visible, and I just had thick hair a couple weeks ago. Is this normal? I thought with time it would slowly fall out or thin. I must add also, my father at age 53 just now has gotten a little receding and both grandfathers only had the normal receding that comes with time. Whats going on here? Im tempted to call the Dr. on this one. Also I have not used any supplements for about 6months now. Please tell me this is a temp thing! I notice in pictures, some family members didn’t start thinning until past 50. Looking for some clues…

Where you exposed to an above ground nuclear test? I say go to a doctor it can’t hurt.