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Sudden Change in Thyroid

I have a specific question about Thyroid. I have been going through some battles with my HRT and this last bloodwork panel my Thyroid changed quite a bit. My TSH was always around 1.7. Dr. started me too high on test, hcg, anostrozole so over the months he kept decreasing. This past blood panel my TSH was up from 1.7 to 4.180 (Lab ranges .27-4.20 uIU/ML)

What would be the reason behind this. The only thing that changed other than the lower dose of Test, HCG, & Anostrozole was I started taking an iodine supplement.

An iodine supplement will increase TSH and therefore make diagnosing thyroid problems using TSH impossible. It could also mean having an optimal TRT protocol has expose and underperforming thyroid that was already borderline problematic and now TRT took it over that red line.

You can’t trust TSH as a diagnostic tool when on iodine supplements. Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3 are thyroid hormones, TSH isn’t a thyroid hormone, it’s a stimulating hormone similar to LH and ho it stimulates the testicles to produce testosterone, but we test testosterone alongside LH otherwise we are left with more questions.

Ok good to know about the iodine supplement. So maybe you can take a look at these numbers and let me know your thoughts on my thyroid.

Bloodwork from November NOT ON IODINE:

FREE T4 - 1.15 range .9-1.7 NG/DL
T4 - 6.2 range 5.1-14.1 UG/DL
FREE T3 - 2.6 range 2.3-4.2 PG/ML
T3 - 80 range 80-200 NG/DL
TSH 1.7 range .27-4.20 uIU/ML

Most current bloodwork while taking Iodine for 2 months:

FREE T4 - 1.16 range .9-1.7 NG/DL
T4 - 6.6 range 5.1-14.1 UG/DL
FREE T3 - 2.6 range 2.3-4.2 PG/ML
T3 - 80 range 80-200 NG/DL
TSH 4.180 range .27-4.20 uIU/ML

PRIOR to TRT (different lab) and not abbreviated so I assume these are thyroid

Triodothyrone - .8 range .7-1.9 ng/ml
Thriiodothyronin Free - 2.3 range 2.1-4.0 pg/ml
Thyroxine - 9.0 range 6.1-12.2 ug/dl
Free Thyroxine - 1.08 range .76-1.46
TSH Ultrasenstaive - .657 range .360-4.170 mIU/L

How much iodine are you taking? I just started. You can take too much iodine and create hyperthyroid. Too much iodine causes issues. Google Germany + iodine problems. They added iodine to all of their foods as a government order and now millions of Germans thyroids are ducked from too much iodine.

Too little iodine is bad. Too much is bad. There is a mid level you find and stay at.

Did you feel any benefit from iodine? Are you taking potassium iodine and selenium together? Without selenium the body can not utilize the iodine efficiently. Without potassium it increases e2. Tri iodine is wat u want.

I am not taking potassium or selenium. I eat a ton of potasium in my regular day to day diet…minimum 1 banana a day, sometimes 2, and also I eat avocado. Both high in potassium. My diet is 90% extremely healthy. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink as in never even had a sip of alcohol in my life, and I lift 5 days a week. I put that out there just to give a brief backstory.

The iodine supp is 50mg elemental iodine. I was taking this once a day. Iodoral is the brand.
I felt zero benefit from taking the iodine and took for 2 months.

My estrogen was at 22 when last checked.

I will discontinue using this. Not sure if it is even worth trying Tri Iodine after this. Have you tried and noticed benefits.

I’m a week in. You take selenium with iodine. If not it won’t work. Your body cannot convert. It also does some other things for eceptors or something like that. lol it up.

Tri iodine has 3 types of iodine. It’s bound with potassium and it is a better test.

I read some go through a detox process the first week or two because the selenium removes some toxins .

Look up what I stated and it’ll make sense. My description isn’t as accurate but you get the idea.

I don’t know if it’s working. I’ll take a blood test in two weeks. I’m also on 12.5 mg and not sure if it’s enough. But it will make a dent inky high tsh if it’s working.

Several minerals and trace elements are essential for normal thyroid hormone metabolism, e.g., iodine , iron, selenium , and zinc. … Adequate selenium nutrition supports efficient thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism and protects the thyroid gland from damage by excessive iodide exposure.

Looking at my previous numbers not sure if I should just drop it all together, try the Tri Iodine, or try this (which I give to my dog) https://traceminerals.com/concentrace-trace-mineral-drops/

Keep me posted if you notice anything different.

T4 is low and is the total thyroid hormones being produced by the thyroid gland. Free T3 and Free T4 are also on the lower end. Free T3 should be midrange or better.

Is my thyroid function affected by my TRT or is it something separate I need to address?

Ignoring TSH do to iodine supplements, all your other levels are basically the same as pre-TRT. Thyroid was already underperforming as Free T3 never got near midrange.

what can i do if i have normal tsh and t4 but free t3 is low.

TSH can be unreliable, I have a TSH <1.0 and Reverse T3 was high. I decreased Reverse T3 and TSH increase a little.

Thank you. I was scouring some info on here and I am wondering if I could be a bother and pick your brain a little. I have another post up where posted all my lab numbers. I am quoting what you wrote on another thread. I do not want to hijack anyone’s thread.

“I lost hair on 50mg twice weekly and regrew all hair I lost on 20mg EOD, smaller doses more frequently lowers DHT in some men.”

I am having the same issue PLUS a ton of others. I don’t wanna go through asking you are too busy but would love some input if you are willing to answer a few other questions.

What is your SHBG?