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Sudden Change in Soreness Onset

Hi everyone

I’ve been working out for a few years now and since last week (after 2 months of insane psychological stress and anxiety), the way my body handles soreness changed. I used to get doms the day after my workout when I skipped for a week or tried a new exercise. But I usually wouldn’t get doms at all because of habituation.

As of last week I get doms just hours after working out and it lasts up to 3 days! I eat and sleep enough and since I’ve been routinely training I shouldn’t feel much doms at all. Could the stress period have something to do with this? What should I do? I’m a little worried.

I might be talking out my ass. My guess would be that the two month period probably caused you to fall off the cliff. How is your energy level and performance in the gym? Have you seen a increase in say getting colds or notice inflammation in your joints?

Did you do anything relatively new recently. Not like the first time ever but something you haven’t done for at least a few weeks. Like new movements rep ranges etc.

No, not really. That’s why I’m concerned

I’m worried about this too. I’ve had stress and anxiety issues for years but managed to recover. Those last two months really fucked me up again.

My energy level and performance is still the same! However I’ve noticed that my joints and tendonds were a little inflamed after working out. Just general soreness in tendons which I usually don’t have either.

My guess is the same as yours. What am I supposed to do now?

How long has it been since you have taken a break from the gym? Also have you changed anything program wise?

I haven’t changed the program and I worked out regularly 3x per week (the past 3 weeks when it started to change)

I’ve honestly been struggling and feeling like shit for years… And I’ve struggled with lots of stress due to relationships as well. However it didn’t affect my ability to recover back then.

3 times a week? What type of a approach?

I usually do a PPL routine twice per week with a sunday off. However recently due to stress I switched to Upper Lower Upper per week with a rest day between, sometimes adding as much as I can on the last day of the week.

Not optimal, but it fits my current priorities and I try to adjust the volume based on the low frequency.
I’m certain it has nothing to do with training, diet and sleep.

I’m going to say it probably the external stress you have been dealing with. The only thing I might advice is looking at some stress management techniques. Also look into the option of adding in some form of a deload every once of awhile into the mix.

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Thanks for the advice, I figured the same.

Do you have experience in dealing with this?
If anyone else could, I’d be glad to get some advice.

You could try to cut almost all meat and replace it with fish and eggs, it will decrease inflamation.

Then personaly when I feel I need a deload I do pump work, I feel great and can still work hard but with lighter weights.

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Stress? Matter of fact I have been diagnosed with anxiety issues and tend to have anxiety attacks when I become overloaded. The way I deal with stress is but it in prospective and not worry about the small stuff.

Being sore often and not feeling 100%? Based of your bio I am actually double your age , so yeah that standard for me…lol.

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I’m sorry mate. So at almost 50 years old soreness is standard, no matter the habituation?

You mean putting issues into perspective? Easier said than done, but you must know.
I wish there was a pill I could swallow to stop producing excess cortisol. I feel like the past 5 years of pure relationship stress turned me into a 24/7 cortisol stress machine…

I would not say it’s standard. I got some mileage on me.
You mentioned stress from a relationship? As in with a family member someone your remarried to or dating?

Yeah, I’ve dated a girl with borderline personality disorder for 2.5 years and the next 2.5 year relationship I had was abusive and destructive to my overall mental health.

Are you out of the relationship now?

Thankfully, yes. My current relationship has been going on for about a year now and while she’s not perfect either, she’s far from the other two girls I had before. The only stress she put on me so far is forgetting to take the pill lol.

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You cut frequency by 1/2. For me, the more often I work a muscle group, the less doms I get. If I squat only once per week it wrecks me, but if I go hard 1 day & light 1-2 others I get little doms.

Conversely, working too often gets me tendonitis or joint soreness.