Sudden Change in Lifestyle

Hi Guys,

This is my first post so bare with me. I have been in lurk mode for a while and thought thats its time to say hello by a small bitchin rant.

I used to train a lot, I mean a lot like 6 times a week for up to 5 hrs a day. I had results , was impressed but something happened to me in the past few months. Dont really know what but have started losing my temper, interest and basically the will to live. As a result I have gained lot of weight and now look like shit.

I cant focus on work anymore, my relationship has ended and am a wreck. It literally happened within a week. I have no idea what it is but am depressed all the time now. I get home from work and cant even look outside the window any more. I cant go to they gym, run or motivate myself to do anything. Even riding my motorbike has not helped.

Is this normal? A life FAIL?

Sorry about this but dont know who else to write to.


Did you eat some soy? It sounds like you ate some soy.

Seriously though, you’re just depressed. Something triggered this and you did not deal with it very well and now things have spiraled well out of control.

How long were you training 6 days a week, 5 hours a day? Were you on steroids? (not judging, just would make a difference how much work your body can handle) Were you an athlete of some sort or in high school? I find it hard to imagine having enough time for all of that training if you are not very young or it is your job.

It sounds like you overtrained, got burnt out, and could not deal with whatever stresses life put on you outside of training and eating right.

Tell us more specifically about your story.

I believe this would be the definition of a life-fail. Good call on posting it on the internet.

ummm, 6 days a week 5 hours a day…and your profile says you have been training for 15 years? Now, after only a few months off of the normal and you have gained a lot of weight and look like shit…

I call : shenanigans!

By training I mean long distance swimming,combat sports, mountain biking and other sports not weight training. I never did steroids or anything like that. The thing is I am aware of what is wrong-thats what freaks me out. being aware of it, I ought to be able to do something about it.

Yes, am suprised at what happened over just a few months and that scares the crap out of me.

I just wake up everyday wanting to slit my wrists.

i am depressed like every other day, but than i realize that its stupid and that i need to stop being so depressed! get out of the house, go to the bars(im assuming your atleast 21), meet some woman (assuming your into woman), and just enjoy the simple things in life! it will make your life better.

I am 31. I have tried. I rocked up at a bar on my Honda CBR the other night. It was ok-except I wanted to get out ASAP.
Anyway, last night I started reading a book called “Unleashing the Warrior Within”.
I am going to figure out what is wrong with me, get to its roots and snap it neck. I made a promise that I will be back at the gym on Saturday so lets see how it goes. I also booked an appointment with a psychologist.

No, it certainly did not. It happened over an extended period of time and the physical effects are only the symptom; they are NOT the underlying problem.

You need to get your shit together.

Acting like a drama queen on an internet forum is not the best way to go about it.

If you were looking for people to feel sorry for you, then you came to the wrong forum.
Suck it up.

I dont want anyones pity-I think you need to get your shit together. Depression happens to everyone and it took my by surprise thats why I wrote.

I suggest talking to a counselor.

What you’re experiencing is likely more accurately labeled “grief” than “depression”. Calling it generically “depression” really isn’t as helpful: I’d recommend talking with someone (professionally) to deal both with the grief and how you got there in the first place. Feeling sad, many times, is appropriate – turning that inwards upon yourself many times is not.

Hi mate,

This is my first post back after a long absence from these forums.

I know you’re taking a bit of shit here but I can totally relate to the depression thing.

I’ve been back training for about 5 weeks (since my GF dumped me from out of nowhere) after about 7 months off, putting on loads of fat and seemingly losing all my muscle. When I started back I looked so out of shape that I had young kids coming up to me in the gym suggesting I try this amazing new thing called ‘whey protein’ like they just invented it. Agh!

Anyway, since getting dumped (and essentially everything my life was working towards disappearing) I’ve been trying to be positive by getting in the gym and getting fit and strong again to help take my mind of things but then suddenly, from out of nowhere, with a loaded bar above my head, my brain starts going ‘what’s the point? You failed. Just give up, go buy weed and some whiskey’ - NOT a good place to be mentally while trying to wrestle some weights!

I’ve always had those black moods since I was about 12, and they can sometimes last weeks at a time. While I would never say I have mastered them or controlled them, what I HAVE done is accepted they are a part of me, and decided to treat them like a challenge or goal to get through, just like pressing a new max.

Now when I feel it coming on, I decide to refuse to be beaten by it and fight it like I do on my last rep of my last set. Sometimes that is done by going and doing something new that I have not done before (eg just signed up for a 10k run), and at other times I treat it like it’s just another 10kg on the bar and by getting through my exercise, despite sometimes feeling like there is absolutely no point to my life (and BTW when I feel fine I genuinely feel that this could not be further from the the truth) I have given a great big ‘fuck you’ to it.

I don’t always win, but I always fight now. Know that you’re not on your own, mate and that it is always better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all. Good luck to ya.

[quote]NOS wrote:

Anyway, last night I started reading a book called “Unleashing the Warrior Within”.
I am going to figure out what is wrong with me, get to its roots and snap it neck. I made a promise that I will be back at the gym on Saturday so lets see how it goes. I also booked an appointment with a psychologist.[/quote]

If you are feeling depressed and unable to get yourself to do anything, you need to get some therapy. It’s good that you booked a meeting, now make sure you go and keep going.