Sudden Big Dip in Libido and Erectile Function

For the last month or so, I’ve had a big drop in sexual function. Mostly no interest in sex unless I’m really stimulated. Normally, especially times I’ve lowered my T dose, my libido just screams. Add some Cialis and I feel like a machine.

I did drop my T cyp from about 184mg/wk to 150mg/wk per advice here and elsewhere. I’ve recently stopped drinking and vaping nicotine (3 weeks in on both!). And I have a lot of issues with depression in the winter, so my psychiatrist and I added Cytomel (T3). At 50mcg/day it has helped immensely.

I have heard that too much or (more so) too little T3 can cause sexual issues. I have bloodwork pending after a weekend trip, but I was wondering if you guys can suggest anything to test in addition to the usual T/FT/E2, prolactin (+ macroprolactin in my case), SHBG, FT3 & thyroid panel, iron (I was anemic last year), CBC and CMP.

Again, I know there’s little that can be said without bloodwork, so more asking for extra things I should test for. Thanks :slight_smile:

So you lowered your T dose because other people told you to? Bro… stop fooling around with your dose. Its not something to be messing with once you’ve settled into a nice routine. Disrupting things is a guarantee for disruption.

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I’m not new to this.

I’ve had better luck when I miss a couple doses, and my levels tend to sit high, so wanted to try reducing it a bit.