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We all know that we have to drink alot of water. Has anyone been using any of those flavored waters? They tend to have sucralose in them. What are the negatives, if any, of using this as your main source of water? Especially during fat loss.


Useless calories and possible needless insulin surges. How many cals and carbs? I use flavored waters sometimes, carbonated, and they have no cals or carbs at all, just some artificial sweetner. Check into those. I get some generic grocery store brand.

Tek, I believe thats what he’s referring to . It would be absolutely pointless for acompany to add sucralose to a drink with sugr or extra kcals because scralose is sweeter than sugar to begin with. As for your question, I think it is OK. The problem being that some people may have an allergy or just plain respond poorly o sweeteners. For some they cause water retention problems.Some also believe they still cause an insulin release, not proven whatsoever , but who knows really Also by allergy I mean more of an intolerance . Not a severe allergic reaction (ie , hives, fainting, shock) . Try it…monitor results and see what you think. Hope this helps…Mike

My bad! I misread. I thought you said “sucrose”. Yeah, those things are great! I like the strawberry. Great “sweet” when you’re low carbing.

Thanks. I do agree on the water retention issue, but that doesn’t worry me too much. Water is easy to loose, as long as the fat is going away.