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Sucralose Questions


Am I in the minority here when I say that sucralose tastes like ass? I've tried a few products containing it and found it to taste just as bad as synthetic sweeteners you'd normally find in diet sodas.

I may have to give stevia a try. BTW, is evaporated cane juice the lesser evil between it and regular table sugar? Should I avoid it with as much prejudice as I do the white stuff (pun sorta intended)?


I dont mind sucralose. Just use it in moderation like all else.

Love stevia, give it a try.

Cane juice, sounds like wet table sugar to me. once again moderation and for myself only time would be around ny w/o.

Hope that helps,


Evaporated cane juice is a crystalized powder just like regular table sugar, but is less refined and has a light brown color to it and isn't quite as sweet. It's basically what table sugar comes from.


I feel the Sacralose is the best tasting artficial sweetener. I'm a big fan of stevia as a all natural alternative, but I think sacralose tastes a little better.

If you want to cut back on sugars and control insulin, but don't mind having some sugar try this:

  • 1 tbsp pure stevia extract
  • 3 cups of frustrose
  • add to a container with lid and shake

This mixture should be about 4 or 5 times sweeter than sugar and tastes good.


I use Sucralose daily and think it's great.


Don't know if you're in the minority. But I use it and like the taste a lot.


I never liked the taste of the classic artificial sweetners, so I was a bit dubious about sucralose. But, I bought a jar of Splenda, and I must say I love the stuff. I can't tell the difference between it and sugar.

We all have different tastebuds, though.


Its F***ing gross - tryed the sucralose strawberry flavoured bottled water with zero carbs yesterday and almost gagged with the mediciny flavour.

btw - how can they call it zero cals? cause it isn't absorbable ?



Maybe it was the flavoring of this particular product and not the Sucralose that gave its bad taste.

Sucralose definitely doesn't have a "mediciny" flavor.