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Sucralose - Good or Bad?

how does everyone feel about sucralose? I read articles that say its bad for gut and then other people say that its not. Which is it? I seem to have constant mild constipation problems and I wonder if its tied to the sucralose in my supplements.

I doubt it. If anything too much sucralose is known to cause the runs.

yeah thats probably unlikely given that haribo used sucralose in the sugar free gummy bears awhile back and people were getting explosive craps so i doubt it could have the opposite effect on you.

Sounds like the two above posts are confirmation of sorts that it may not be great for optimal gut health.

That said I prefer to use a pinch of sucralose in my oatmeal, etc instead of a crap load of splenda.

I’m inclined to try cutting it out to see if my symptoms go away. I try to eat plenty of fiber, drink enough water(at least 2 liters a day). I definitely have some kind of gut issue just cannot figure out what is causing it.

Yes, Steven, why don’t you just cut out the sucralose-laden supplements and add plain old pure dextrose to sweeten up the unflavored ones, which is absorbed almost immediately into the bloodstream to refuel your glycogen.

Do you consume oats daily?

Since switching to gluten free oats my digestive system has been pretty much golden. I have no problem with other gluten sources but oats just don’t agree with me

have a look at what foods are a constant presence in your daily diet, and try eliminating them.

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