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Sucralose, Aspartame, Etc...


I have recently come across research in regards to "sugar substitutes" and their effect on insulin levels. Apparently, these "substitutes" (splenda, nutrasweet, and the like)have the same insulin spiking/fat storing effect as regular sugar, sans the calories. Your brain is not able to distuingish b/w a fake or real sugar so it gets the "signal" to store fat just as it does when one eats a candy bar with real sugar. Again, the only difference being the additional 200 calories. So really, if one is trying to lose fat/minimize fat gains, would it not be best to also eliminate these substitutes as well? What are your thoughts on this matter as 90% of meal replacement/protein powder/bars contain one of these sugar substitutes?


This is a question I have been wondering a lot lately as well. My huband says that aspartame makes people fat....but why? I also keep hearing about aspartame causing tumors.
Does anyone have any research or knowledge that backs this up?


i would very much like to see this research since i was once told that the the fact that our brain gets the sweetness stimulate doesnt have any contact with the insulin levels in our body so please show me this research



Aspartame isnt safe.


Here's a study at pubmed done on sucralose and people with diabetes.


And here's an old article from TC about MRP's, with a small section on Aspartame and Sucralose.


I once read somewhere (I forget at the moment) that the study done on Aspartame used an insane dosage amount on lab rats, far more than an average human would consume in an extended period of time.

Biotest uses Sucralose in Grow!, so I doubt they would use it if it were so "harmful". Besides, look at all the people on here who have shredded up while consuming Grow! and Grow! bars.



search- splenda

also google:
MS and aspartame

see also truthinlabeling.org


Wow, if I was a sugar lobby I would put out information that made artificial sweeteners look bad too.

Just like sugary sodas don't contribute to diabetes.

And Saccharin causes cancer....this was never proven, but it got enough press that it was mostly discontinued.

Are you better off having water than diet soda and avoiding all sweeteners? Probably.

I would surely rather have splenda or aspartame instead of HFCS.

People have to stop believing everything they Google, it's the internet any Hack can put any "study" they want on it.

I think I will publish a report that Drinking McDonalds strawberry milkshakes promotes fat loss and makes your penis grow 2 inches.

Right after I buy some stock in McDonalds.

You ingest things a hell of alot worse for you than chlorinated sucrose every day. But sugar is a billion dollar industry, the fight over who gets to sweeten your soda is huge.




halfpint, for a neuroscience class in college we did a project replacing some poor rats' water with the four basic types of coke (caffeine or not, diet or not). Whatever cognitive effects we were looking for didn't pan out but we did find a significant difference in their weights--the caffeine-free diet coke drinking rats weighed the most. I don't have the references anymore but the explanation we came up with from the literature was that the aspartame didn't register as a carb so they ate more. The caffeine probably acted as an appetite suprressant for the rats with the regular diet coke which is why their weight was the same as the non-diet drinkers.

I would NOT call this project reliable science but I always thought it was pretty interesting. :slightly_smiling:


That IS really interesting! Makes me miss my Drugs and Behvior NBB class, if you can beleive it. I don't think, however, that the results would necessaily generalize to humans. We can plan our meals out and total calories and macronutrients and determine if artifical sweetener actually makes us hungrier and adjust accordingly.


WOW, is right, what was in that protein shake (besides the sucralose?)? I agree (a sugar lobbyist will bash the hell out of splenda), but the same is to be said of all these supplements. If you manufacture a weight loss supplement, you can also find/manipulate studies supporting your "revolutionary fat-loss formula."

Dr. Mercola is definitely on the extreme side, but that doesn't mean I throw everything he says completely out the window. Many of his recommendations are unrealistic and unaffordable. He does, however, in his radical view, mange to address some valid issues. A college professor of mine would also say not to "believe" everything I google. She would say be "critical, not cynical." Just because I asked a question doesn't mean I use google as the gold standard for research.

If you read the original post, I wasn't trying to attack splenda, the question itself was merely "food" for thought. I never said it was crap, etc. I thought working out was supposed to decrease stress, but some of us still manage to get a little to worked up. Maybe sucralose doesn't raise insulin levels, rather it causes us to jump all over people's opinion.

As far as using Grow! is concerned, I highly doubt the sucralose will have much effect on highly active, clean-dieting, fitness/nutritionally educated individuals. It's more significant to those who abuse these artificial sweetners and drink 3+ of such MRP with their 3+ diet cokes per day.