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Sucralose and Food Additives


Thought this was interesting sucralose has a chlorinated base like DDT and can cause auto-immune disease.

Dr Blaylock has a good book about Excitotoxins- the taste that kills, tells how MSG, hydrolyzed vegtable protein and aspartame all cause : parkinson's disease,alzheimer's disease,cancer,depression,seizures,abnormal neural development,vertigo,blindness,migraines,children's learning disorters,liver disease,Epstein barr syndrome,aids,Lyme disease,dementia,borreliosis,brain tumours,headaches,endocrine disorders,hepathic encephalopathy,multiple sclerosis,insomnia,neurological disorders,pms,chronic fatigue syndrome,confusion,infections,memory loss,birth defects,nausea,neuropsychiatric disorders,asthma,fibromyalgia,bloating,episodic violence,diabetes,epilepsy,weight gain,obesity (certain types),amyotrophic lateral,lymphoma,sclerosis (ALS).

Also In his book he lists the things that are disguised as MSG because the government only permits you put it on the label if it has 100% MSG.

Additives that always contain MSG:
Plant protein extract, calcium and sodium caseinate,monosodium glutamate,yeast extract,hydrolyzed vegetable protein,textured protein,hydrolyzed plant protein,hydrolyzed oat flour.

Additives that frequently contain MSG:
Malt extract,natural flavouring,malt flavouring,natural beef or chicken flavouring,bouillon broth,stock flavouring,seasoning,spices.

Additives that may contain MSG or excitotoxins:
Carrageenan,soy protein concentrate,enzymes,soy protein isolate,whey protein concentrate.

Those who like to keep there health in check I recommend reading Dr Blaylock's book and take control of you health and escape the sickness industry by Elaine Hollingsworth two good books with lots of good truthful information.


AIDS huh? I guess someone is full of shit....
You may want to start looking into the foods which contain MSG naturally, I hope you don't like Italian food...


Why can't any of these effects from these substances be proven with actual scientific methods? Why are all Eastern Asians not completely fucked, because they, in general, use a lot of pure MSG to cook eveything. I'm not debating that an acute overdose of MSG can make you sick.


More importantly, my blood is 10% MSG and 10% nutrasweet, by volume.

If loving them is wrong, I don't wanna be right.


Take a look at East-Asians who eat a typical/traditional East-Asian diet of MSG laden soy-product, and you see a lot of short, skinny-fat people... there are of course exceptions, like always, but I wouldn't use a traditional EA diet as a health staple... the average height in China is still only about 5'5" for a male...

We have to remember, that since the so-called agricultural revolution, "civilized" people have been eating lots of crap we weren't made to eat, because once we learned how to process it (i.e. mill cereal grains, cook rice, exe), it tasted okay(-enough) to eat, and was really easy to grow on a mass scale to support growing populations. China, as one of the oldest civilizations on the planet, has one of the longest histories of eating stuff we weren't really made to eat (i.e. is toxic to us if uncooked or otherwise un-processed) like soy, millet and rice as staples of their diet. MSG most definitely has been linked to skinny-fat (poor BMI levels) in China in particular, although you have to remember, before the early 20th century, most MSG came from seaweed extract, so it wasn't something you could buy by the pound.


So what is the mechanism then?


This may be a cop-out (it definitely is actually), but we don't actually have to know what the mechanism is to say that there is a correlation, we just have to observe it. I would agree with you, that where it is naturally occurring, it's probably not an issue. You'd have to eat probably more seaweed than you ever reasonably could to get the kind of concentration of MSG in your system you now easily can dump into a single meal. Just like I'm a advocate of fruit: eating an apple is great, as soon as you start drinking apple juice (even 100% real, organic, exe) you start getting in trouble because you are able to remove natural limiters on how much of the "bad stuff" you can take in at a serving.

MSG is an excitotoxin, where it occurs naturally in stuff we'd normally eat/able to eat naturally it exists in concentrations we can deal with. When it's concentrated and added to food, I'd say it's a bad thing. Obviously I'm no expert, but toxins generally cause all sorts of bad things short-term, and really bad things when they build up long-term...


I don't understand how rice is worse than pasta, for example. Can you enlighten me?

I had two cups this morning.
In fact I have it every day. :o


Chlorinated base? You do realize that chlorine is needed for your body to function properly. Heard of NaCl?

Next you'll be telling me that di-hydrogen oxide is bad for me


Sorry for all the pink, but check it out:



Heres a couple good videos on Excitotoxins and there effects.



I am having a hard time buying into MSG being an excitotoxin considering there is growing evidence we have excitatory receptors for it and umami has now been classified as the fifth taste sense.

Seocndly, anyone with basic organic chemistry knowledge is able to see the blatant differences in structure between DDT and sucralose, to point they are not remotely similar.


Dr Blaylock can tickle my grundle.

jgaal - Did you register on a bodybuilding website to tell everyone that consuming items such as whey protein concentrate might make them obese? I suppose if I ate 2000 grams of whey daily, I'll grow a pretty sizeable gut.


You realize that typically the hydrolyzed proteins in general, not just vegetable, will contain some MSG... Glutamic acid is liberated, bonds to sodium, and voila... MonoSodium Glutamate.

Everyone needs to relax.