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Sucky Long Arms


alright guys,it's been awhile,make that a LONG, time since ive been here,but lately as i start to curl 90-110lbs my forearms just hurt like hell,even with the preacher bar. I do have long ass arms,but the preacher bar was taking care of the pain until i hit that weight.IF i build up my forearms more would that help?I need some suggestions cause they feel like they're bowing again,and i dont wanna have to stop working them.


Try doing drag curls rather than standard barbell curls. The weight will be less but stress on the forearms is less since they are close to the body. Heavy DB hammer curls are also a favorite of mine.


It will stop over time. I had this when preacher curling 115lbs but over time your forearms get used to it. However, once I go up in weight the feeling comes back. I personally think it's normal what is happening, you just have to work through the pain but not to the point where it becomes unbearable to handle and really hurt yourself.


Maybe you could stop the curls for now and do dl's, rows, pc's, and chins??? These exercises should combine to give you some solid biceps strength and no forearm problems, except maybe for grip strength issues but that will develop.


try different curls

pinwheels, incline whatever

i used to have that problem and my arms are also long but i can curl fine now although ocassionally my hand will lock up so like when i let go of the bar my hand closes on its own...yea


I used to get this when I was young. It took a while for the bones in my forearms to strengthen up to take the stress. I just kept the weight the same until it was no longer painful.


x2 I vaguely remember some un-comfortable pain esp. when doing preacher curls when I was 14


i do dl's,rows,chins,not sure what pc's are.

hammer curls also hurt when i use 50-60lbs.

alright,ill keep it at 90 until the pain goes away,but ill have to only do it 2x a week cause by friday they hurt like all get out.thanks guys


Do you do db rows or bb rows? The barbell rows helped my forearm strength out a lot. For a while

i could only do about 5 or 6 reps because my forearms would burn so badly.


PC= Power cleans

I honestly am not into curls but if you like 'em....


I feel your pain, 5'10 with a 6'2 wing span here, my hands almost touch my knee caps when I stand straight up and put my hands on top of my quads. Maybe add some deadlifts, reverse curls, and weight pinching.


dude you need to deadlift, youll kick ass!


i do bb rows with the preacher bar,let's see,i got a 45 and 35 on each side,so thats 195?dead and squat got bumped to 300 this week,started doing my chins with a 20lb db in my feet.

i take it a drag curl is just having your arms back enough so the bar drags on your chest?

and i hate cleans,lol,im doing shoulder press just because i have to,cleans i just really hate.


He already said he deadlift's...


I've had this same problem since I was a kid and echo the above comment. It hurts like shit every time I go up in weight. I've found that shoulder-width olympic-bar curls aggravate it the least (not sure why).


yea,when i use the inside grip of the preacher bar it hurts more,but i feel it in my bicep more :frowning: harsh trade off.