Sucking at Nationals

Man, nothing is worse than having a great training cycle, then running into problems the last few weeks, then hit the meet and forget how to squat. Up until the last couple of weeks I hit PR’s in all lifts, then squat suit on and down to singles and yucko.

I had a lot of trouble with getting my knees out, and on third attempt I put on my suit I had not used in 7 months and damn near made it. Coupled with injuring my shoulder.

On a high note, first bomb out in 15 years and I know what I did wrong. So look out next year and my qualifier in November.

However I did get to watch some awesome lifting and by guys older than me too. Not to mention the young master Brad Gillingham. Showing up sick and squatting in singlet and nailing 3 squats. Then benching first 2 attempts without bench shirt, then putting on the shirt and hitting just under 600 lbs.

Then his epic pulls, opening with a 771 lb and ending up with a monster 858lb damn it was inspiring.

So will get back to training in a couple of weeks, after resting mind and body.
So as the great Steve Goggins would say “a setback is just a setup for a comeback.”

Sorry to hear bout the bombing; but you sound like you learned from it. That is the thing: if you don’t do as good as you planned, did you learn what kept you from it.

Best of luck at the next nat’ls.

What a good sport! It was a tough year at Nationals this time around. There were more than one bomb outs this go around.

But yes - there was some great lifting to watch.

Glad to see ya there…best of luck in your training and hopefully we will see ya soon.