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Sucker punches

i have to share this story with everybody. today i go to my brother in law’s track meet. he was getting ready to throw disc and he comes over and tells us that he got disqualified from the meet for mouthing off to the dude who was running who was only like 22. So after the disc got over i go over to talk to the guy about why he dq’ed my brother in law. the guy,who is probably about 5’ 10’’, 210 of fatass starts getting immediately defensive and poking me in the chest and getting all tough on me. finally i shove the dude back and his brother pushes me so i turn my attention to the brother and this dude suckers me right in the ear.i jumped right back to my feet but people were already restraining us by that time, so i didn’t even get to throw a punch at that fatso. i laughed in his face and told him he hits like a bitch but it still pisses a guy off. be a real man, (or woman) and if you want to fight at least throw a punch i can see. motherfucker.

You’re right, he should’ve kicked you in the balls instead.

I agree. Plus 2 on one. He started it. Doesn’t that just suck. Ah well on the bright side at least no one was hurt. But next time I hope you punch the fat off this dickwad. Also I wish terminal consitpation on him for being a loser. Your welcome. :wink:


I think you should find out where he lives…tear off his fuckin’ head…and take out his fuckin’ soul…

Nice Rant.
Stupid moves by all parties. But you can really win this one.

  1. Was it a AAU meet? Or did some other organization run it? If so your brother can file a complaint with the official body. If the target of your rant is wrong he will and the least be written up and the most be disqualified from running meets. Ouch! Got him.
  2. Getting in his face, not good. But he “touched you first”. Got witnesses? File charges. Submit a copy of those charge to the organizing body for your track meets. Ouch! Got him again!
  3. Getting suckered puched even worst. But good for you. Do you have witnesses? Yes. File charges against his brother. Ouch! Another body shot.
    Are you starting to get the picture?
    Best of Luck.

thanks everybody. all that sounds good but the deal is his brother is playing college ball with me next year.(i’m a senior next year and he’ll be a freshmen) so he’s gonna get his all year long. plus i figure his brother will rear his fat head at the games sooner or later and i’ll go up to him and tell him if he wants to settle it like a man i’ll meet him somewhere where i will punch the fat off him. besides i owe him at least one punch. so that’s the plan right now.

all’s fair in love and war.


Wasn’t that a move in Mortal Kombat?