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Sucker Punch


Just saw a commercial for it and remembered how it had peaked my interest when I saw the preview after being dragged to see the latest Harry Potter bullshit. So far it seems like it's got some pretty cool shit, and a hot leading actress (Emily Browning). The only thing I'm not digging so far is Vanessa Hudgens. Idk, I'm just not a fan.

Anyway, it's the same guys who did Watchmen and 300, so at least the fights should be cool if the story shits the bed.

What are you guys' thoughts?


I'll be seeing it for sure, based off the trailer alone it'll be visually pleasing. Honestly, I'd pay the ticket price just to see the entire scene with the giant Samurai Mech wielding that mini-gun.


It had me at the giant Metallic Samurai with a Gattling Gun...Oh im seeing it.


I've been waiting since December for it to come out. Birthday present to myself is seeing it.


I saw the trailer a while back tbh looks sick as fuck!


Cant wait for this.


Looks like something that will have to be seen in theaters to get the full effect. For that reason I'll see it soon.


Only question i have is Should i see it after a bit of alcohol or not. It seems like one of those movies that would be truly epic if under the influence of some Happy Juice.


this movie looks like it should be pretty awesome. Not a fan of vanessa hudgens? how can you not be a fan of this? (if the pic will upload)


I look forward to seeing this, as well. It had me at "Emily Browning." I can now lust after her all I want, since she's of age.


this is true, she looked good in Uninvited too though, idk why she always has her hair short IRL, she looks way better with long hair


I think she is just plain attractive. Especially the lips. Puts Angelina to shame, IMO. There is a bit of both innocent angel and dirty devil with this woman.


To each his own, I guess.


This. With great gusto.


Exactly. Those are some nice blow job lips. The lust factor is high for Emily Browning, especially as a blond in a schoolgirl outfit. The things I would do to that woman...





She just needs to get rid of the boyish haircut and grow it out long.




Zack Snyder sure does have an imagination. Emily Browning would seem to fit in great. She seems to carry a similar personality in other movies.