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Suck at Reps, Lower TM?

I suck at reps, especially for Squats and Deadlifts. My 1rm is disproportionately higher in relation to, say, my 5rm. In cases like this, should a trainer lower his training max to 85 or 80% of his true 1rm? Thank you for your time.

Yes. If I can’t hit 5 good reps at my TM, I lower my TM.

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I’ve been in that situation . If your 3rm is also off I would lower the TM . If it’s not , and you don’t want to lower your TM , you can try adding in the SST template which will add some rep work or fsl and hit 5x8. Another option would be to lower your TM and add some jokers or reps at your TM to keep building your 1rm max up.
I lowered my TM .

By chance, does your conditioning also suck?


No, I don’t believe this is a conditioning issue. I train and compete in mixed martial arts/grappling/kickboxing. So my conditioning is pretty good.

I’ll say that I didn’t observe a great carryover between those sports and lifting when it came to conditioning, but it’s been a while since I trained/competed.