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Such thing as too much greens?

I recently have been upping the amount of broccoli I eat, and am currently takin down close to 2 cups with my tuna salad at night, I add about 8 baby carrots, and some celery. Does anyone find this too be too much, I am a 180lb maintenence seeker, who is around 7% BF, roughly how much of these carbos are not solely fiber? Any comments are appreciated

Anything listed as fiber on the nutritional label do not count as carbs in the traditional sense. I like this site for looking up nutritional values of things:


Good luck.

Yeah, that’s the same site I use nickasu. It’s nice and detailed.

And janderstein, eat away, dude. When you do subtract the fiber content, the addition of carbs just isn’t that much (even on a reduced carb diet) compared to the nutritional benefits.

I’ve been eating about a half a pound of greens a day for years. Hasn’t bothered me a bit other than getting a hard on every time I pass by a broccoli plant that has bolted and started to bloom.


No way! You too?

(a nice young Cauliflower plant gets me a little tingly, too…)

Nah, that’s not too much! My salad consists of a cup of spinach, a cup of romaine, a cup of broccoli/cauliflower, 1/4 c. green peppers, 1/4 c. cucumbers plus a tbsp. ground flaxseed. Sometimes I have 2 salads a day when I have time to prepare them…plus I get in at least 1 cup w. all other meals.

If I remember correctly Beverly International recommends either a salad consisting of 3 or 4 cups mixed veggies.

And yes, I am a “green addict.” (the legal kind) Pretty amazing considering I didn’t eat my first veggie until age 24.

That’s not too much greens. Dr. Mercola recommends 1 lb per 100 lbs bodyweight of fibrous veggies per day. On an average day I eat about 1.5 lbs and even then I see where I could be eating more.

Do you guys weigh out your vegetables or just guesstimate? I only began eating veggies daily about 2-3 months ago. I’ve come to like them but I only have time to eat frozen ones that are reheated. My list of veggies/legumes that I consume daily includes broccoli, cauliflower, aspargus, spinach, green beans, black eyed peas, lima beans, occasionally carrots & lettuce. Probably 1 serving of each, however much that is. Any others I could add that are easy to cook or can be bought frozen?

Machine, cabbage is pretty good. I like to cut it up, put it on a plate, add some olive oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, then mix in a can of tuna. You can also mix it up with your lettuce. Actually the best thing is to grow your veggies. I do. That way you know what you are getting, and can get it fresh daily. Since I live in Austin, Tx I am able to grow my veggies year round. They also taste better when they are fresh from the garden.

thanks for the input, I really like to eat the stalk of the broccoli, does anyone else do this? I find it really tasty, and satisfieng, because I get to cut it with a knife:) I dont really measure out or anything, I jusy basically will cut up a whole bundle of broccoli, and eat it.

Yep. I both stalk the broccoli and eat the stalk. It’s a confusing world.

I also weighed out my broccoli today, it was the equvalent of four cups, still OK?

J, it’s all good. I don’t see how you can eat too much broccoli. Honestly, there are times when I’ll add 150g of broccoli to each of five or six meals. This adds up to about 900g or so, which is equivalent to 25-30 oz! (28g per oz)