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Such a Thing as Too Much Sleep?

Is there such a thing as too much rest? or too much sleep? I’ve noticed days where i’ll wake up after 6 hours of sleep and feel ready to go, but go back to sleep to get the ful 8 or 10, and wake up groggy. This probably has more to do with the level of slumber I’m in on a given morning, more than anything else but I’m interested to hear and see if anyone else has experienced anything like this?

Yeah ive realized that sometimes when i sleep in late for like 10-12 hours i wake up kinda like tired and don’t wanna get up.

there really isnt a thing called to much sleep, i dont own an alarm so i wake up when i need to. I go to bed at 11 everyday. If your body needs the sleep, the best thing you can do is not fight it, it’s only helping yourself. the only problem i have is when ur eyes open, take a minute to strech, get used to the light, etc. and get ur ass out of bed. no exceptions. the faster you get out of bed, the more you can do. It will take a while to get used to. What i suggest is go to bed a resonable time, if you have to work at it, do it, but plan a full 9 hours of sleep and set an alarm clock on the other side of the room, when you get up if you feel you need more sleep do 20 pushups, if you still feel the need for sleep, go back to bed. after a while you will not need an alarm clock, and when you wake up you will not fel tired whatsoever.

just my 2 cents

Yeah I am the same way as well, if I sleep fpr anything over 9 hours I feel like crap. I prefer to sleep 7 hours a night, its perfect for me.

After a while your appetite crashes if you don’t eat.

If you sleep for 12 hours and your not training hard enough for that to be necessary then its detrimental.

Slows your metabolism and your not eating for 12 hours obviously, on top of the fact that you have no appetite when you wake up.

Yeah I have realized that as well, if I get anything over 9 hours I feel like crap!!


There is nothing you can get too much of. You can’t eat too much, you can’t drink too much, and you certainly can’t sleep too much.

I guess it’s too much sleep if you don’t wake up.

It happens to me alot, i think it means that your body has fully recovered and your muscles are really relaxed and need time to warm up