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Such a Thing as a Fair Fight in the Street?


I say no. Personally, I think you should use whatever is necessary to win a street fight, even if that means picking up weapons (like a crowbar) and hitting your enemy while he's distracted. I had a bad experience with fighting fair and my enemies weren't as fair as me. It changed my whole outlook. So I tossed fair fighting in the garbage can after that.


If I am fighting I am in a ring/octagon or I am going to kill you. Nothing is fair about a fight in the street because you have obviously attacked me or my family therefore I must do whatever to eliminate the threat. si vis pacem, para bellum.


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I just hope that because we're pretty good on this forum that this doesn't turn into a serious conversation on this topic for the millionth time.


Fair street fighting?



Knowing clip there's worse to come. We need a way of dealing with these threads. Maybe spam them with boobs or gina carano...


Yes, in the hundreds of fights I've fought on THE STREETS, I've always fought fair. None of that shirt pulling humbug, glass bottle trickery, or that nutshot nonsense. A true gentleman always duels a man who has insulted his honor with fists alone, preferably after extending a challenge to said opponent with a glove slap.


You sir are a brute and a ruffian. We of the nation scoff at riffraff like yourself. I challenge thee to fisticuffs! Put up your guard sir!


I was briefly toying with giving some quotations/references from On War re: the whole limited vs unlimited vs total thing, but I thought better of it.

I also have a reprint of an 1829 duelling handbook, it has an entire chapter on "The Irish Duellist, so we could really twist this thread up.


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Fair fighting is when you fight just as dirtilly as your opponent. If they play by the rules you do too. If they grab a stick, you grab a shotgun.


Well, when I used to play Street Fighter back in the day, I was described as a cheap fighter when I used to play Dhalsim. All I would do is fireball, wait for the guy to jump over and then use kick button to eventually win.
Wait, you're talking about a fight in the street. Then just roll deep, know the Samoan bouncers by the club nearby and you're good to go if shit goes down.


and if u happen to be fighting with any big samoans then a mate of mine suggested that the concrete is ur best friend all u gotta do is hit his head hard enough on the concrete to slow him down or knock him out and u win.


I like this idea.


Clip, a man who engages another man in an unseemly way is either a brute or a coward. If you wish to post on a forum for sneak-thieves and pickpockets then you are more than welcome to do so. However, when you come here you must abide by certain rules. In the event of loss of face, a forum member is entitled to issue a challenge to the offender by a casting down of his duelling glove. It is considered good etiquette to allow your opponent choice of armaments and first strike. There are modern schools which consider this step unnecessary and dangerous and prefer deciding matters via coin toss or Philadelphia knuckle shuffle, but we in the combat forum abide by a rich tradition which has served us well thus far. Choice of implement is a greyer issue and something which provokes heated discussion in these parts from time to time. I believe that the current perspective is, "Knives are permitted to be used in combat, but must be thrown from and uprightly posture with minimal bending at the hips".

Obviously these rules are relaxed in the case of an unprecedented encounter with a gent of unsavoury disposition. However, lowering oneself to the status of a cudgel-bearer is undesirable and, in this forum, strictly not permitted. To keep ones gentlemanliness intact, while also demonstrating enough brutality to deter the fiend, The League of Gentlemen of Combat impose the following rules (updated as of Oct 2010)

  1. The gentleman must make clear his dangerousness and his inclination to combat...
    "Good sir! Your cowardly attack is a molestation of my honour. If you continue in this manner, I shall have no choice but to bare my fists!"

  2. The gentleman is permitted swords, pistols and throwing knives. However, he MUST have a servant on hand for presentation of, and collection of, the arms. In an event where no such servant is present recourse to fisticuffs is obligatory.

  3. The gentleman must at all times pay attention to good posture. No slouching of the shoulders, lowering of the chin or most especially, bending at the waist. Execution of the so-called "Dempsey Roll" warrants immediate expulsion from the League.

  4. Shots to the particulars are allowed, provided you apologise.


If you're a man of honour it all depends on the circumstances of the fight. If the guy is bigger than you or clearly a skilled fighter you should grab a heavy blunt object to make things more 'fair'. Another good tactic is to distract your opponent then king hit him when he's not expecting it. That helps make things more 'fair' for you. Scrotum attacks, fish-hooking, eye gauging etc All help to handicap a better fighter and thus make things more 'fair' for you.


The only unfair fight is the one you lose. If you're in the ICU with a broken jaw I don't think you will be saying "I have a broken jaw but at least I fought fair."


If we're talking cheap Street Fighter tactics, then there weren't too many cheaper than:

E.Honda's Sumo headbutt/Sumo butt drop to gain distance, then just hold down the hard punch button on a turbo controller and continue to move forward/catch them in the corner in SSF II Turbo


Blanka's hard kick vertical roll to crouching back medium kicks to vertical roll repeat until victory (of course some head bites, electricity attacks, and horizontal rolls could also be thrown in to keep the opponent guessing) also in SSF II Turbo. This tactic was so effective/cheap that the makers of the game chose to change the dynamics of Blanka's vertical roll to prevent people from doing this in later versions.