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Success with the Reverse Hyper?

Just wondering if anyone has had a noticeable success with the reverse hyper machines for low back rehab

I guess it depends on what you mean by “Rehab.”

My lower back was super shitty and weak. As a result, I would often “injure” or “hurt” or “tweak” it in training when I tried compound moves like squats and deadlifts. Over the years, my lower body training got worse, and less consistent. This made me weaker, and made my lower back “worse.”

When I finally jumped on the Reverse Hyper, I was able to Target my lower back. It was the “main mover” in the exercise. I could select exactly the weight I needed. It was an isolation or assistance move for 1 specific area. I started with like 70 pounds for 3x10 or something like that. A year later I did 270 x 4 sets of 25.

As my lower back got stronger, it felt better. When it was no longer the weakest part of my body it stopped hurting. Finally I could train my lower body again! So for me, it worked pretty well.

My girlfriend didn’t have any specific problems with her back, but her squat had kinda leveled off. She started to round over a little at the bottom. So she got on the Reverse Hyper. In a few weeks she went from using 50 pounds to using 90 pounds. She was able to add about 20 pounds to her work sets of squats during this time. So it worked for her too.

Some people at my gym don’t like it. They complain about the “lower back pump.” But those same jokers would pee their pants if they could get pec or bicep pumps like that.

Yeh its actually one machine i can buy into the reasons behind it and see it actually working but at the prices of them i am going to build my own at the week a solid timber one as theres not any gyms in my town that has one unfortunately and i aint paying 3k for one lol

Maybe ask @oldbeancam about it.

He has the best homemade setup I can remember off the top of my head. Or post a pic or two of other homemade models that inspire you.

Yeah I love doing them. I wouldn’t say I have a homemade one per day, but I use a mini or monster mini type band wrapped around the legs of a hollow box. I hold on to the back of a GHR (I usually superset or giant set these two) and let the band pull my legs under. I do them pretty much every session especially after squatting and they’ve done wonders for me in strength and low back/glute health


This is the kind of box I’m talking about. I usually put one of those pads that people doing crunches and shit on on top, but always make sure your legs can swing underneath. I think the contraction at the top is important, but the stretch and spine decompression at the bottom is where the real magic for the movement is.


Yeh i have googled some d.i.y builds at they look pretty solid,its my last hope tbh i hope it sorts me out

I’d be interested to see a video of this voo-doo should you feel so inclined to record/upload one.

The reverse hyper is half built now,will be finished tonight,got a bit carried away with the size of it tho it will be huge and take a sumo wrestler no problem haha will upload a pic tonight

Louie owns the patents, be sure to send him his cut.

So he owns pattents for a timber A frame that has been getting made for thousands of years?
Good luck with that

Sorry man, I must have completely missed this, but I took a video tonight. I forgot my bands and tried to use the cable machine. It didn’t work because there was only one ankle strap. It won’t let me upload it, but here’s some stills

I usually just loop the band around the GHR, but you could just go around the base of the box. Because I didn’t have my bands the stretch under wasn’t as good or drastic as it normally is. I went higher rep and just made sure to really tuck underneath. Hope this helps man.

PSA: I’ve never used an actual RH, but I watched videos and tried to emulate it as well as I could in a commercial setting. Using this set up has helped me a ton in low back health, strength and overall mobility.

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You are hyper extending your back and thats bad,its supposed to be done with a neutral spine so your legs shouldnt be inline with your torso or higher
Legs should be slightly below parralel