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Success with Right TM

Just wanted to say thanks Jim and let you know how much difference training with the correct tm has made to my bench training.
Been training bench with 275 tm and hit 315 for 5 tonight. TM works out at 75% of 1rm estimate. you’ve said it many times so i focus on bar speed and don’t test like a fuckwit.


Since Forever came out I have realized just how off my training has been with regards to TM. I used to do a reset after a long layoff or when I was missed minimum reps. I now see that I had needed a reset long before I got to that point. I am interested to see how focusing on correct TM will affect my training.

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You are welcome - I do realize it takes a leap of faith to do things correctly (rather than what is popular); but it works if you do things right. There is much more to this philosophy and real “bigger picture” stuff but right now; keep TM optimal NOT maximal.