Success with Rib-Cage Expansion?

Hello everyone, I’m seeking a definitive answer to a curious possibility. I’ve come across some information that deals on the process of widening one’s rib cage through various techniques and exercises. Allegedly many classic era bodybuilders use the technique to push their v tapered torsos even more and have had success with it.

The process is ultimately predicated on the malleable cartilage around the sternum and stretching them outwards. However the catch is that that at a certain age, most mens sternum cartilage is beginning to harden. One source says it begins at 20s while another says 30s. The confusion im having is exactly what age it begins to happen. Either way if you’re not a teenager you’ll begin to get diminishing returns with these exercising though it supposedly can be done just significantly harder

What are these exercises and how can I use them to achieve this?

Is there anyone out there familiar? Has anyone had success or am I wasting my time and is it too late for me in early 20s? Any insight I’d appreciate.

If your talking about doing pullovers after high rep squatting, it probably doesn’t do what the old timers suggest.

Just include pullovers as part of your chest or back routine. Its an awesome, underrated exercise. Do it properly, with control, increase your ROM and you will reap max benefits to your physique, regardless of whether it stretches the cartilage, or not.

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I’m sure having beefy lats could give the illusion

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I realy don’t think they expend your ribcage but for sure they stretch it as well as your upper back, and this can be very good for your posture, in these times where we are sitted too much (and having a better posture reinforce the feeling of being jacked)

Are you familiar with clavicle lengthening?


Don’t expand your rib cage too far. If you get too barrel chested it will make your shoulders appear less broad. You don’t want your shoulders to look compacted to your frame. You could end up looking like a muscley teenager.

Trying to alter your sternum cartilage might give you Pectus Excavatum, so be careful.

Also, how big is your wrist?


Im afraid I am not. Care to explain?

So you have seen it done before? Have you success?

Also my wrist are somewhat thin. Enough to touch my ring finger and thumb together. Used to be thinner as I remember being able to touch both pointer and ring together with thumb in teenage years.

Yeah, definitely have a look at the clavicle lengthening procedure. It works wonders.

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Is it a surgical procedure?

Rib cage expansion is some silly misguided idea old timey dudes used to talk about. I don’t think it’s real.

I believe that in the past the dramatic, huge ribs look was just kinda “playing with the angles” for photographs. Similar to a side double bicep pose for a bodybuilder to look wide and narrow at the same time. Or like an instagram girl sticking her butt out at an angle that makes her look super slender and porky at the same time.

So, Yes, you are wasting your time with rib expansion nonsense. If you want to get bigger, build the muscles on top of your ribs.

Also, small wrists don’t mean shit. They just make your arms look bigger, when your muscles are developed.

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If rib cage expansion worked, every bench specialist would advocate for it.


Well I was just curious as to why you asked about it in the first place.