success with M-anti estrogen

I want to know peoples succes they have had with M-anti estrogen ( how do feel on it)

I just finished my first bottle and the results were much more than I expected. I don’t think I noticed anything until after a week of use, but then I was pissed-off ALL THE TIME. Even little things, like my girlfriend’s driving was enough to make me want to…anyway. To answer your question I had: increased sex drive, much increased aggression, increased rate of facial hair growth, and increase in seminal volume (1.5-2X). Will you have these results? It’s hard to tell, perhaps I have low t and high e, but I would definitely give it a shot. On an end note, powerdrive REALLY helped to even out my mood, I would take a serving and like 20 min later I could smile again. Post your results. Best of luck.

I have been taking M for a month and really like it. I noticed the added aggression as well and noticed a physique hardening effect as well. Pretty cool stuff.

Positive body comp. effect. But not dramatic. Went through about 3 bottles.

I noticed some pretty good results with regard to my body composition as well. The results weren’t dramatic and the effects on sex drive weren’t nearly as significant as Tribex but if you have an estrogen problem or suspect you do, give it a try. I will definitely take it agian in the future.

BigRoy, as far as it’s effectiveness as an anti-e, I give it two BIG thumbs up! On my last AAS cycle, my source was running late on my nolvadex, so I ran out and bought a bottle of “M” when my nips became sensitive and puffy. I took 6 caps/day for 5 days, then switched to the normal 3 caps/day, and my nips were all better! :slight_smile: