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Success with IIFYM?

I’m relatively new and I just read about iifym. Has anyone had good results from it? Also, how do I go about calculating my macronutrients?
Thanks in advance!

IIFYM is just some bullshit name some dude gave to the way that people who understand about nutrition have been eating for years.

Any bodybuilder worth his salt knows that to get a million grams of carbs in a day it’s way easier to throw some kid’s cereal or something in there than to get all your carbs from rice and potatoes.

But, in the same way they always do, idiots took the idea too far and started getting ALL their carbs from sugary crap, completely neglecting MICROnutrients and fibre. So what was once just common sense has become this weird, polarising thing that people will argue about on the internet, while the people who understand nutrition just quietly get on with things.

So yes, IIFYM can give good results, but remember: before the IIFYM label came along, we just called it “eating”…

Yeah I just eat protein powder, table sugar and canola oil. Should be fine. It fits my macros. Joking aside, if you eat a healthy balanced diet, you will be fine calculating in some “junk” food hear and there.

think about it, if you eat 2000 calories worth of twinkies vs 2000 calories of a balance diet, which one will get you to where you wanna be faster?

[quote]el_nino101 wrote:
think about it, if you eat 2000 calories worth of twinkies vs 2000 calories of a balance diet, which one will get you to where you wanna be faster?[/quote]

You’re one of those people who thinks IIFYM means “eat whatever the hell you want”, huh?

much better strategies in the articles on this website

IIFYM is just a saying that Alan Aragorn started saying to get newbs to stop asking "can I eat potatoes instead of rice on my cut and still lose weight?’ and shit like that. All it’s saying is that no food is ‘magic’ find what works for you because in the grand scheme of things eating 300g of carbs from rice vs cereal vs pancakes isn’t going to make much of a difference in fat loss/body comp. Now of course micronutrients are important for health and long-term performance, but most IIFYM approaches have micro minimums that need to be met as well.

People who ‘diss’ IIFYM are just like those same IIFYM followers who diss ‘bros’ for eating chicken and rice every 3 hours, who are dissing all those guys do TBT 3x a week because they aren’t getting enough volume, which are those dissing the people doing typical body part splits for overtraining, who in turn are dissing those who use 16/8 fasts because… you see where I’m getting at?

Don’t worry about a strict dogmatic approach, find some macros that work well for you, find foods that sit well on your stomach, make sure that some of the foods your eating are from the ground or had a face at some point (unless you’re vegan/vegetarian), and just try not to stress about what the name of your diet is. lol