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Success with Hamstring/Ankle Flexibility?



So I'm just recently realizing that my ankle and hamstring limitations really only barely let me get to parallel on squats. Aside from plates under the heels, anybody got some success stories? (ie people who can NOW get ATG with good form?)
How did you get there?


  • Extensive stretching pre and post workout, pre consisting mainly of mobilty drills and dynamic stretches, post as static or PNF stretching.

  • Chiropractic techniques, I've had success with both ART and Graston.

  • Olympic lifting shoes (I've used anywhere from 0.5-1 3.4 inch heel), allows you to reach depth easier...essentially renders the "plate under heels" idea obsolete.

There may be more but nothing pops into my head right now. Ideally, any flexibility/mobility limitations should be addressed first and ergogenic aids used only after you've made an effort to fix the problem rather then just relieving symptoms.


I'm currently working towards stretching out my calves and increasing my ankle flexibility. I'll let you know if I see any breakthroughs.


i had that problem.. i just got oly shoes, squatted in them for 6 months, now i can go deep with or without them..



Thanks a lot, questions though. Specifically what stretches do you think helped the most? How long did the progress take you?


Yessir please do!


You might want to look into hip mobility aswell, glutes, hip flexors, abductors etc.

do squats holding onto something and get into the position. Set a plate under your feet and keep going wider untill you cant get any wider then that, then do 20-30 squats, pause for alitle, get the paltes further out and keep progressing.

olympic shoes is good aswell as mentioned.

Oh squats, paused squats. be creative.

Good luck.

Ps: I went from hardly passing parallel to full snatches, and I have had some issues with hips, glutes and ankles