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Success w/ Pregnenolone? Good Weapon Against Depression & Anxiety?

Hello everyone,

Im curious about a particular hormone I have heard of called pregnenolone. How it can help wellbeing and mood and augment a TRT protocol.

I started TRT about 7 months ago and am now at 200 mg/ml dosage at .5 mL twice a week. However while I initially noticed marginal effects on mood, on the whole I am still lethargic and down despite my T levels being pushed to the 600 range last I checked. Ive come across this particular supplment and hormone and how it can provide an extra boost to those who dont feel the full effects of TRT.

Beyond just feeling down, I find myself frequently suffering from extreme anxiety attacks and depressive episodes bordering closely on suicidal thoughts and am hoping that it could be the asset needed to keep that under control as I find it getting progressively worse. However my research has also shown me that might cause heightened anxiety instead of a beneficial energy boost, which scares me.

Is there anyone out there who has gotten benefits from taking it? How was it determined you needed it? I could use the insight.

Are you doing anything to control your estrogen? Do you know what your estrogen levels are? My anxiety gets 10x worse when my estrogen is too high or too low.

I was taking a pill of Arimidex weekly but I stopped as I thought it unnecessary.

Have you had success with Pregnenolone?

Additionally, these are my DHEA results from September

DHEA-S 257 UG/DL 240 - 549 UG/DL

I’ve used pregnenalone without much aid to my well being. If i were you, I would get it tested to see if you’re low and supplement if it is. Dhea-s doesn’t tell you much about your pregnenalone status.

Inositol, lithium orotate and saffron have all been much more effective as mood stabilizers for me and all can be purchased over the counter or online.

Inositol typically for anxiety should be taken at 5 grams, three times per day. Take after a meal to avoid it upsetting your stomach. Purchase as bulk powder to reduce cost and avoid taking tons of pills.

Saffron dose shouldn’t exceed 30mg per day and can be taken as 15mgs twice per day. Exceeding this dose long term can cause liver issues.

Lithium orotate doses typically start at 120mgs per day. It can make some people sleepy, so you may want to start with one dose before bed.

I’d also suggest trying one at a time, stand alone for a week or so, in order to understand if each helps you or has value as opposed to trying all 3 at once and having no idea which one is doing what.

Not sure what that is. I would reccomend getting your estrogen levels checked. If they are high the ideal solution in my opinion would be to lower your weekly dose is testosterone to see if you can avoid an AI. Also injecting EOD has been reccomended to lower estrogen. If all of that doesn’t work take an AI. I don’t care why anyone says anymore, AI is needed when you are feeling side effects of high estrogen(if that’s what they are from anyway). Nolva or any other drug isn’t going to do shit.

Could someone explain to me the relationship between DHEA Pregnenolone and Cortisol and how it relates to Test and Estrogen and more importantly how it relates to possibly having energy and feeling good?

Do you have any recent labs? SHBG, E2?

I struggled hard with panic attacks and extreme anxiety late last year until just a few weeks ago. I was on TRT for around 7 months last year and started having horrific panic attacks toward the end of the year. I was being treated by a urologist who let my E2 get out of control. I was also doing 200mg injection every two weeks with low SHBG. This fucked me up good. I got off of TRT cold-turkey and had a year of hell I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I’m feeling so much better now after being on a new TRT protocol (EOD 20mg test cyp) through a reputable medical company with experienced MD’s. I’ve only been on it close to 7 weeks now but for the last 9 days I’ve had NO anxiety, not even a little. Getting your labs figured out might be just what you need.

Here are those 2 as of early September. How often is it recommended to be blood tested btw?


I was taking arimidex at 1 mg pills once a week for a while but was told the suppression might be too strong so I stopped. Im trying to reintroduce half a pill once a week. I take .5 ml twice a week with 200 mg/ml test cypionate. Is it possible I need to go higher?

That E2 is very high, mine got to 47 and I was in a bad place. Your SHBG is practically the same as mine. You need to do more frequent, smaller doses of test. I do 20mg EOD for example. You say you do 100mg twice a week (200mg/ml divided into 2 a week)? That’s a high dose, unless I’m misunderstanding?

I was prescribed an AI but never took it. As others have stated, you can usually manage E2 with dosage manipulation/lowering test dosage. I haven’t had to deal with high E2 yet this year but I also just started a new protocol. Hopefully someone else will chime in with some AI advice. It’s hard to know where you are now in terms of E2 since you took an AI. Like you said, some people overrespond and crash themselves into the dirt.

I get bloods done every 3 months through Defy Medical. I think you can order your own through different companies as well or you can ask your PCP.