Success Stories: Youthful Libido Restored - Consistently

Has anyone here had success restoring their college-years libido levels? Where you walk around just feeling like a “Man”, feeling that vigor, that tingling all over, that enthusiasm for conquering, that power in the gym, that funny but very important experience of finding an ugly girl hot simply because she has nice boobs, or great legs?

And have you restored it consistently? To the point that you feel its an ongoing, constantly refreshing itself, flow of new libido, like back in college? I remember literally having to suppress my libido because it was so strong in college. Having to avoid making bad decisions because all I wanted to do was F… Driving around town and literally feeling the “boys” moving, and rolling, and churning out testosterone like a factory. Tingling, and electric shocks of sexual stimulation that would move around my body like true virility.

Interested in hearing from guys who’ve accomplished this with TRT. or other variations. Consistently. For long periods.


Their is hormone replacement then there is what Ponce de Leon was looking for. The Fountain of Youth. Nope not found it yet.

To be honest That funny but very important experience of finding an ugly girl hot simply because she has nice boobs, or great legs? I never did that when young. There were just so many almost perfect bodies around me then, that I was stupid picky. Now is when i feel that. Horny that does come back. The rest not as much

See that’s interesting. Because when I was on TRT - yeah - i felt what I would’ve described as “agitated” sexually. It felt almost like an irritation / annoyance that I needed to “rub one out” and feel less … whatever. its really hard to describe.

So when you say “Horny comes back, but the rest not so much” … to me - the rest - was part of being horny. If you’re just feeling like you gotta “rub one out” because you’re feeling that pressure, then I wouldn’t be referring to that.

That actually was the biggest difference between TRT and my natural libido. My natural libido, when it kicks in, not only improves girth and sensitivity, but feels much more “systemic” and pure, and “full” throughout my being. Super hard to describe. Its almost as if Androgel introduces testosterone, but does nothing for the other 3-6 hormones that probably play a role in a “full” libido feeling. So you get that agitation from the testosterone itself, but the other hormones are either shut down, or out of balance.

The reason i ask is because I successfully restarted my natural production and have enjoyed feeling numerous sensations return both emotionally, sexually, mentally and otherwise that were totlaly not there when on TRT. But my level of libido and these other sensations, is marginal at best. I last tested at 490, which isn’t bad, but isn’t outstanding. And yeah - I guess im hunting for that college libido again. I feel like that’s when i was healthiest. So i feel like that should be the goal we all have for this.

I just don’t wanna go on TRT and end up feeling that artificial, insufficient, one-sided libido again. I can’t decide what’s worse. A marginally productive endocrine system (490’s) that is “ehhh” but feels totally normal again? or going on TRT and pumping myself to 700’s, but feeling only roid rage, acne, increased body hair, and that weird, shallow/artificial feeling libido (you guys all know what I mean).

The part of your sex drive that was… wow this is new, fresh, adventurous. That is gone because it was never purely psychical. Youthful wonder at everything, sadly with me that is gone. The feeling when I see a beautiful woman is there and stronger now much stronger. But when I was 18 years old, I had seen far fewer such woman. The sight was newer the feeling newer. Therefore more exciting.

We lose something with experience and wisdom. Even if we could totally get back our 25 year old bodies. We could never get back the excitement of youth. So much of that excitement was based on inexperience. Your first love, your first broken heart. These memories still burn with a power than no other can match. My libido is back to a very youthful level. But none of it is new to me. My first good and bad experiences are behind me and can not be relived. That level of passion is more than hormonal

My libido and zest for life has definitely returned. I suspect my libido might actually be stronger at the moment because I don’t dampen it with alcohol anymore and my T levels are probably higher now than they ever were.

However, I’m also eating very healthy, lifting heavy, occassional cardio and cut out alcohol completely.

I know I’m the clomid poster boy and house shill, but have you considered doing a low-dose SERM? Maybe 12.5mg EOD or E3D? Starting at almost 500, you might have a good response, assuming you are secondary.

Keep in mind that estrogen levels play a huge roll in libido. A lot of guys on TRT have E2 levels way too high or low and lose most of the benefits of TRT.

As for me, I’m 54 and my libido is as high as it’s been in many years. I don’t want to be led around by my dick like I was in college. I also realize that no hormone can restore youth. Youthfulness, yes. But youth, no.

I’ll give you an example of my level of libido now. My wife of 27 years and I had great sex on Friday night. On Saturday, we went out to dinner and to hear some live music. On the drive home, I put my hand on her knee and got a boner. At 54, that makes me pretty happy!

Also, my body is as lean and tight as it’s been in 25 years. I’m 6ft and wearing a waist size 32. I can wear a fitted tee shirt and not have to see my gut.

I have an 18 year old son, so I see everyday that youthful, cocksure sumbitch your talking about. That confident stride, head up. That smirk that says I’ve got the world by the balls. Believe me, there is no hormone in the world that can restore that because he’s 18!


Gosh great story! I hope I’ll feel like that soon! I’m only 25 and haven’t felt this in 5 years. My life is so great it’s beyond belief that I have issues with dark mood really. My relationship of 5 years has survived thankfully even despite my mood troubles and the fact that I feel like sex once in 2 months or so, I would want nothing else but to give back to my girlfriend for what she’s given to the relationship as being with me throughout this time must not have been easy. If I am so pissed at myself, I can only imagine how pissed my girlfriend must have been throughout this time. 4th week in now, hoping to wake up someday and realise it’s changed.

It helps to have a young son living with you to see the difference. My boy just had his ass handed to him by a woman and is now back home for a bit of healing of his bank accounts. She was really cute, but only a 20 year old in love would have run up the dept he did to make her happy. Only a 20 year old man in love would not have seen that she was bat shit crazy. I see his cocksure strut and raging good looks. The way the girls look at him, yes I miss it. But there is no woman on earth who could make me as stupid as his ex made him. You lose something with age and you gain a lot. Working out, TRT, better eating, has made me feel younger, 30 years younger. But I will never be young again and that is not all bad.


It sucks when it happens to you at 50 years old. At 25 I have no idea, but congratulations for getting on it.

It’s been hell, I never had the balls to accept something like this and never got tested, my girlfriend midly complained about me being not the same person as I had turned into a more gloomy, tired and irritable version of my self who was very hard to please emotionally. I never took it seriously enough, except one day when I actually got tested. All the feelings of helplessness went one way and I started looking at it with perspective. I was obese as a boy, it means a lot for me to have a good health and be fit. I spent 5 years in the gym with so much dedication that I did not know I had in me as well with little to show for it. Ended up always beating myself up as I used to look at myself as a failure. Diagnosis killed one part of me but gave me hope as to recovering and being happy again. Right now I’m not doing too well and in a dark place again, TRT was a big decision and 4 weeks in, I haven’t felt much and I’m getting very anxious hoping for this to pass and to feel better. When I was not diagnosed my rating of symptoms would be half, I have had an unhealthy obsession with this now and I have been extra aware of signs which is unhealthy. Once I feel better, I will feel like a new life and get these unhealthy obsessive characterisitics out. Never have been an OCD type person.

Sounds like you have a pretty good girl. Most of them would have coldly dumped you instead of trying to get you going. Congratulations on that. Now lets both keep getting better. It has only been 8 weeks and I am already a new man. You are young, you will be better than you have ever been.

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Oh I know, it’s been the biggest motivation to give back. I was about to give up on myself, but she never did. Hopefully, getting out of this, she will know why she started seeing me in the first place when we were 20 when I was not a grumpy emotional old guy in a 25 year olds body.

When did you feel results were coming in? Most say 3 weeks, hence my anxiety is through the roof. But I understand it’s perosnal and I need to be patient.

It took almost 8 weeks for me to begin to feel the increased libido and that feeling of well being. I will say the body recomp began almost immediately. That may have been because I was on a year long diet and exercise program. I dropped 30lbs prior to starting TRT. Now, I don’t have to diet to keep the weight off. I still eat clean, take sups, and watch my carbs, but I’m not concerned with calories anymore.

They got my TRT level right the first time. I was so low (98) and at 59 their was only one rout if I wanted good levels. So I was going to get fast changes. I felt better on day 2 and better everyday since. Physical changes have just kicked in (week 8) other than weight loss which started week two.

Libido and being less emotional, Both started week two and still are getting better. My wife is very pleased if not tired. The fog in my brain is gone

Best to remember that low T has damaged you. Somethings actuality need to grow back. That is not instant it takes a good long time

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Truly, you can never return to 18 yr old levels of naivete. That’s a good thing.

I started coming back immediately. But improvements are still coming at 3 months in. I’m thrilled.

Verne, it’s so true that having an 18 year old son walking around the house is a great reminder of what youthful vitality looks like. We were at the beach last summer. He was walking toward the water. I leaned over to my wife and said " that Bob Seger song Like A Rock should be playing".

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Thanks for your feedback, this has been the first internet forum i have been a member of and most of the people here are so helpful including you, you guys have been like counsellors to me, seeing you guys progress and recover gives me strength.

This is a great group of very helpful guys. I really thought TRT was going to as easy as taking a vitamin and poof I’d be like a new man. This forum helped me educate myself. I do feel great, but balancing hormones is anything but a piece of cake. I hope that someday soon I can get into cruise control and only worry about lab work yearly.

The one benefit of having gone through high E2 is that I now know what I feel like with good E2 numbers and bad E2 numbers. This will allow me to make small adjustments should I start feeling symptoms.

I think the way to do that would be to actually stop thinking about how you feel a particular day just like when we do not have low T, people i think, i may be wrong, fixate too much on T and E levels. Not every thing that happens to us because our T gets low or E gets high/low. Once people go on TRT, they may become too curious as to their numbers. Solution- Settling on a good protocol, seeing symptomatic response, dialling in necessary ancillaries, confirm with new blood work and then go on to live a normal life and forget the stressful time we went through during diagnosis and initial treatment. It’s easier said than done, but hopefully when i feel right, i’ll be able to work on it and forget this condition and live my life like i would if i didn’t have these problems.

On other forums, people create a big paranoia, sometimes it’s needed but sometimes totally inaccurate with adrenals, thyroid etc when the person is feeling good and the person again is in a rut, well being is very mental as well. My symptoms have amplified 2 times since i knew i was low. I have noticed these forums, i won’t name names, feeding of hypochondriacs really, these people know the lab tests by code number on each of the labs they can order tests from and have a list of 100 tests, and when a person presents with low T symptoms, they instantly point that adrenals are bad, thyroid is bad and get these 100 tests and the person is a downward spiral and bound to not react too well to treatment even if working,mentally. I have been affected by it too and still have some anxiety when thinking of it, trying to maintain a clearer mind now.

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