Success Running Super Squats Twice per Week?

I wanted to ask if anyone has had success with running this program twice per week. Currently and for the foreseeable future, I can go to the gym twice per week. That doesn’t mean I only train twice per week. I do steady-state cardio and full-body conditioning circuits other days of the week. I’ve found full-body conditioning circuits to be a very efficient way to get quality work in.
I’ve heard this program is good for building mental fortitude, as well as mass, so wanted to give this a run sometime this year, however, three days per week probably isn’t feasible for a while.

Current physical stats: 5’10", 176 lbs

Super Squats can be run 2 or 3 times a week. Either one works. In fact 2 days a week might even be better as it allows for more recovery.

As for adding size and mental fortitude - very good at both.

I will add I did not run super squats as written. I wish I had. However I was doing a version. I still did LOTS of 20 rep squats.
I started off doing the programme 3 times a week but dropped to 2 times a week. But still did all 18 work outs.

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Like Carl said, twice a week is absolutely an effective option, recommended in the book, and allows for more recovery time.

The Super Squats program is definitely known for putting on size, but if you’re doing a bunch of cardio-type workouts on your off days, you really need to crank up the calories.

I’m not sure what your conditioning circuits look like, but just make sure your overall training program is coordinated towards a single goal so that you’re not being counterproductive.


The book came in the mail today. The program appears surprisingly flexible, with the key part of the program being the 20 set breathing squats and lots of calories. I will continue to spend time working on my squat form via back squats and goblet squats and run this program later this year. I’ll definitely be cutting down on the conditioning during this program. Maybe one day when I grow up I’ll be able to run this program with a bunch of added conditioning.

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@T3hPwnisher - has a theory on this (I’ve just read his blog on this I’ve in the last few moments actually).

Get to a position where you CAN do both. A level of conditioning where simply doing a simple body weight circuit or some stead state conditioning is restorative.

This is my aim. I fully plan to run super squats proper in the summer. Once every 3 days. With 2 days conditioning in-between.


This is a good idea. Jim Wendler has a good article on “Walrus” training, which is the frame work I’ve started using. Going to continue with that while building up my squat strength with a steady diet of goblet squats and back squats. I don’t plan on cutting this year, so maybe start in late summer, or earlier if I feel good.

Appreciate the tag @carlbm

The only thing I’d say is, if your intent is to run Super Squats with a bunch of conditioning on top, you’re going to have to eat like it’s your job.

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I’m not going to add a bunch of conditioning on top of the program, I was being a bit sarcastic with the last sentence of my previous post. I’ll certainly keep a few easy steady-state cardio sessions to help with soreness, and maybe 1 or 2 walrus bodyweight circuits.

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In Mass Made Simple, Dan John has a short prep program to prepare someone for high rep squatting. If you don’t mind forking out for the ebook, that might be a good plan.