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Success on My First Cycle, Now Cruising Questions

Hey y’all,

Granted this was my first cycle (34yr, been working out for 6 years), I definitely didn’t complete it flawlessly + covid restrictions on gyms screwed me up for a bit, but was still able to make some solid gains…I think. Strength isn’t a goal of mine, but I went from barely hitting 5x5, 185lb flat bench each week up to 250 5x5 flat bench all quality and controlled reps.

Cycle: 400mg Test E only. Experienced no gyno and barely puffy nips.

Size gains are as follows:
Weight: +20lbs (def some fat and water)
Arms + .5"
Legs + 1"
Chest + 1"
Calves +.5"

That being said I’m now choosing to cruise at 175mg test e a week and after 3 weeks will get bloods drawn to see where I’m at and adjust if needed. Want to be around 800.


  1. I’m now 34 years old, would it be beneficial to add 500iu HCG E3D to spark the boys back up and keep them fuller during the cruise (14 weeks)? This is the correct preventative measure against shutdown?

  2. Is 14 weeks long enough of a break before starting my next blast? Planning to do another 12 weeks, 600mg T400 + 50mg anavar the last 8 weeks.


Today, it seems that “cruising” is very popular. Doesn’t anyone just get off everything for, say 4 to 6 weeks, and then do another cycle. That was what most everyone I knew did during the '70’s, '80’s, and '90’s.

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What I think you are seeing on this site with guys like me, an many frequent posters is that we started on TRT because of low T. Then after hopefully a full year of TRT, we pulled the trigger on a cycle. There isn’t much point in going off of everything if TRT is the long term plan.

IMO, if one can recover, they should. I don’t recommend blast and cruise to guys who could recover.


If you’re going to try for kids soon, I’d say yes. If not don’t worry about it. But, I’m one of those that doesn’t do well on HCG so little biased

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Definitely not trying for kids anytime soon. The plan is to blast and cruise for the year and then hop off and PCT.

So I was just wondering if taking HCG during my cruises would be beneficial to my recovery at the end of the year. Thanks!

You think you’ll just be able to ‘hop off’ after blasting and cruising for a year? From what I read it will require a whole lotta time, effort and patience to get back to your previous levels after a full year of being on.


Well technically today is my pin day and I can extend my cycle to 14 weeks. Which would allow me to get what I need to PCT.

After last pin, HCG 500iu E3D for the next 2 weeks, then start nolva 40/40/20/20 and PCT like normal. I just thought blasting and cruising for a year would retain more gains just with a longer PCT effort?

decisions decisions…

My crystal ball is saying you may end up on TRT for life. Recovery is possible, but it is going to be a process that is not fun and takes a lot of time.

HCG will help, but IME, the guys who blast and cruise end up staying on. Test can be a lifestyle drug for many.

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Appreciate the feedback. I’m 34 now, how many cycles and PCTs do you think one has left at this age before a lifetime TRT comes to fruition?

I am really not sure. It is probably quite a few if one is okay with feeling sub optimal for longer periods of time, and perhaps having normalish (perhaps low normal) testosterone production.

I started on TRT, and now blast and cruise (and I don’t do it though a doctor anymore as it was too expensive for what it was IMO).

It is just my gut feeling that after a year on, you won’t come off. I don’t think one should use at all unless they accept that TRT may be in their future. TRT isn’t all bad, it has plenty of benefits (I’ve never looked better), and some downsides (having to keep pinning, sourcing test, stigma with it).

Understood. I definitely came to terms that TRT could become a part of my life. Okay, I’ll extend this current cycle 2 weeks then PCT.

I’ll check my levels after PCT to get a better idea of how my body recovered from this cycle. This should help me plan for my next cycle.

Thank for the advice!

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At 72 and having been on TRT for about 12, or so, years, I don’t look forward to the next pinning.