Success on Beyond - What Next?

Hi all,

I count myself as an early intermediate and my best lifts are (in kgs):
BP 5 X 100
OHP 3 X 70
DL 1 x 182.5
Sq 5 X 152.5

I’m halfway through beyond 1.2 and I’ve found this programme to be great. All my lifts have steadily gone up. However 2 possible things are going to happen:

  1. I move to 2 lifting sessions a week as I start climbing/bouldering again. Very likely.
  2. I stay at 3 sessions a week because this stupid tennis elbow hasn’t heeled properly. Bizarrely it affects gripping and pulling not pushing, think I pulled the tendon attached to my thumb.

Here’s my fear, the 5/7 X 5 reps @ 75% have really helped my pressing and moving them up is my priority. This is because my sq and DL move up with only 5/3/1 working sets, and I run, cycle etc.

So, if I move to 2 days how do I simulate the 7x5@75% whilst getting PRs? Do i look at 531, 5*5 SSL or spinal tap, this is all for BP and OHP?

Or, if I stay at 3 days what’s next for a none competitor who can’t do beach body challenge as cleans hurt my injury?

I’ve got all the books but forever. Thanks Jim as I think beyond is an amazing free programme.