Success is the Accumulation of Successful Days

Hey everybody,

Just came off of a string of PR’s, and currently finishing up a deload week. Ready to kick it up a notch again and log it all!

A few things about me:

I am 5’8", ~215-220 pounds (depending on the scale and the day, 223 as I write this).

Most of my training revolves around Oly lifts and their variations. The past few months have been push jerks, power cleans, and power snatches, following CT’s layering method. This past week has been just random machines at the gym, no real direction - just letting the body and mind rest while I pump out some Hammer Strength and Nautilus.

I lift 3 times a week, with the third day being GPP. I practice BJJ 4-6 times a week.

Current PR’s are:
Push Jerk - 265x1
Power Clean (from high blocks) - 265x1
Squat Clean (from low blocks) - 285x1
Power Snatch (from high blocks) - 205x1
Trap-bar Deadlift (high handles) - 500x1
Bench Press - 305x1
Sandbag Carry (Zercher position) - 155x40yards
Farmer Carry - 110x20yardsx4
Sled Push - 418x20yards

Here is a link to my YouTube channel:

My next phase of training will revolve around the bench press and trap-bar deadlift twice a week. I rarely do accessory work, but I will probably throw in some Kroc rows and hypers, because I’ve had great success with them increasing my deadlift in the past. My goals are to hit 315 on the bench press and 550 on the TBDL.

I will be working up to heavy 1-3rm, cause that’s how I love to train. The first week will be an accumulation week, so will probably be a slightly higher rep range, but within the following weeks I’ll be hitting those heavy singles, doubles, and triples.

Day 3 will consist of more GPP. I will leave out Farmer Carries, as my elbow has been a bit buggy lately, but will do Sandbag Carries and Sled Pushing.

The fun will start on Monday, April 1st! Let’s get nasty!


Started off with about 5 minutes of foam rolling. Warmed up with a red mini band - band pull aparts from several angles, dislocations, band hypers and x-walks.

Snatch Grip High Pulls from Hang
45 - 2x5
95 - 1x5
135 - 3x3

Bench Press
worked up to 305x1

Trap-bar Deadlift
worked up to 500x1, will post a video later!

Ended with Voodoo bands on both elbows and both knees.


Started off with some light foam rolling for about 5 minutes. Warmed up with the bands doing pull aparts - above the head, behind the neck, in front of me, and from the hip. Also did band hypers and x-walks.

Snatch-grip High Pulls from the Hang
45 - 2x3
95 - 2x3
135 - 3x3

Bench Press
Worked up to 315 - PR

Trap-bar Deadlift
Worked up to 510 - PR

Finished up with Voodoo bands on the elbows and knees.

Did not get a video of 315 BP but will post one of 510 TBDL.