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Succesful Powerlifting Routines at the Moment


Interested to find out what routines and cycles you guys are getting success with at the moment?


Depends on how how you define successful.


5-3-1 made my hair grow back.....I consider that a success....

Unfortunately it was all on my ass


smolov and korte 3x3 worked well for me
5/3/1 did not


If you browse these forums often you will see a few that keep coming up and are probably good. A few are specialization programs but for a general one 5/3/1 is good. Regardless of how well it works for you there are a lot of people doing it now so you'll be able to get better answers on forums compared to some less known/discussed programs. I haven't done it but depending on your experience try starting strength by Rippetoe if your new and want something really simple to try for a few months.


I've been messing around with block periodization for the last 2 months and now my balls are too big for all my pants.


Do you have a link for the korte routine? I'd like to check that out!


Top right.



Awesome website!



Many routines and training styles work. I have used several with success. That being said, I think standard block periodization is shit. Westside has worked for several people I know, including me in the past, but I find it difficult to gain weight while using it. I have used a modified version of it that uses triples for max effort work and a repetition day instead of a speed day as an off-season routine. This is what I am currently doing. I see the off-season as a time to build on my foundation and stick to fairly basic work.

When training for a meet, I set up a peaking cycle where I add an extra training day to the week and ramp up the volume. During these cycles I add speed work and do specific accessories to fix weak links. As the meet approaches, I taper the volume down and move to singles and doubles for max effort work.

As far as cycles go, I assume you are talking about AAS. That is going to vary alot between lifters, but basics are best IMO. Test, EQ, drol, and tren are the most popular with the guys I train with. Lighter weight classes will be different if weight gain is a concern. Some powerlifters cycle, while others blast and cruise, just like in bodybuilding. It depends on goals, age, experience, etc.