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Subway Trans Fats


I was looking at this and was surprised to learn some Subway sandwiches have trans fats.


I've always associated trans fats with fried foods, baked goods and sweets.

Are there any other foods out there you were surprised to learn had trans fats?


Some trans fatty acids (i.e., CLA and the CLA-precursor trans-vaccenic acid) are found naturally in dairy products and the meat of ruminants.

Ostensibly, they are the "healthy" kind.


I did know that, but the nutrition totals on the site do not include cheese.

As for trans fats in the meat of the ruminants... wouldn't that really just apply to organic, grassfed meat?


First of all, it's totally ridonk of htem to list the nutritional information of a steak and cheese without the cheese, while (seemingly arbitrarily) incorporating that data into select melts.

Secondly, notice that the site states, "All of the core menu items are free of artificial trans fat (partially hydrogenated oil). A few menu items contain small amounts of naturally occurring trans fat, found in meats and dairy."

As CLA is primarily produced via bacterial hydrogenation of linoleic acid, I'd imagine that any diet containing this precursor should allow for the production of CLA.

I'm curious whether CLA biosynthesis in CAFO-based animal agriculture products is attenuated primarily by characteristics of the process which adversely alter the microbiota of cattle rumen (e.g., low-fiber diet, antibiotics) or by substrate availability.


Did not see that.

Nice catch