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Subway SVP of Marketing


Really, this fat fuck is the one trying to enhance your reputation as "healthy" fast food?

Its bad enough to find out that your chicken actually has more filler than Heidi Montag's breasts, but when I saw this land whale talking about Jared's running the NYC marathon I found it a bit ironic.

Post insults below.


What's your point?

And what does this guy's body composition have to do with his competence as a Senior Vice President?

What did he say about Jared's participation in the marathon? And what does that conversation have to do with this SVP's body composition?

"...trying to enhance your reputation as 'healthy' fast food?"

Our reputation? What reputation do we on this board have? We're also not food items; we're human beings.


Got I love Fantasy Land--excuse me, T-Land--where posters think that body composition has ANYTHING to do with JOB COMPETENCE in medicine, dietetics, and the food and beverage industry.

I'm sure after reviewing his performance in a position before this SVP role, the HR personnel or board of directors thought to themselves, "Gee guy, you sure are good at what you do. But come on, what are you weighing in at. Ditch the shirt. Before we promote you, we're checking your body comp. Where did I put those calipers? Trust me, this is very important. It has everything to do with sales of our sandwiches."


Shugart called, he wants his blog back.

Am I doing it right?


I'll make this real easy and quick for you before you go into another rant about how you don't lift for asthetics or whatever the fuck you've been starting shit about lately while mentioning every 2 lines that you're an RD.

Guy is fat, looks bad when talking about healthy choices. He CLEARLY doesnt make them.

The reputation I was referring to was Subways.

He may be competent, but its stupid to have him on TV talking about your "healthy" product any where other than the sea cave where his species usually dwells.

Dont come back at this with a bitchy wall of text as you usually do, I dont care and I wont read it.


I still lift for aesthetics. And health.

I only mention I'm an RD when it's called for. :slight_smile:

I don't feel butt hurt much.


This guy makes enough chedda to do what he wants though; no need to trim down.


Maybe the guy is purposefully on a prolonged bulking phase


Yeah abz for pansies diabeetus is much moar badass


Got a picture for everything.


I can't assume that this man is sedentary, has high BP or something but if his body reflects his health, then he'll need that "chedda" for future med bills.

On a different note, I like the bulking theory. Seems like a good marketing approach; target people who want to get thin can eat 3 subs a day and the BB/PL people who want to put on mass can eat 20 times that and bulk.

Very clever Subway.


I was kidding.


I know, the "chedda" made that obvious.

Still wanted to put my .02 in though :wink:


No doubt.

What I really meant is that he can do whatever he likes in the romance or coolness departments--which actually might be true.


You've gone off the deep end with your mindless rants. Why do you even post here anymore?



Fairly simple. When you market your product as a healthy way to lose weight, and you yourself are markedly overweight, it reflects poorly on your product.

Same concept as a Pulmonary doctor telling you that you must quit smoking to improve lung health while taking a long drag on a cigarette.


if it was the SVP of nutrition, I'd worry.

But it's marketing. who cares. They probably have fat IT guys too.


I would never let this guy speak for my "healthy" fast food chain.


Marketing = MARKETING YOUR FUCKING PRODUCT TO A CONSUMER. A little more forward facing than an IT guy.

Good try, 2/10.