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Subway Sandwiches


I've heard a lot of controversy about subway. Apparently it is pretty high in sodium ( http://subway.com/subwayroot/MenuNutrition/Nutrition/pdf/NutritionValues.pdf nutritional values in .pdf format), then again... http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/sodium_your_secret_weapon sodium can be good.

Basically, I'm wondering what's the deal with subway (high calories aren't a problem right now)?

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if calories aren't a problem then Subway's a better bet than Mcdicks or Wendy's or A&W.

Lots more veggies, better chicken and more healthy options.


I think you'd have to be on a very strict diet if you couldn't find something at SubWay you could eat.

Think 12' chicken on wheat with no mayo or oil and lots of veggies. You could even eat 6' for lunch and the other 6' for a snack.


I'll sometime discard a portion of the bread if I want to trim carbs. Like get a footlong, toss half the bread, and fold it on itself.


Just ask for a 6" double meat.


That's what she said.


I go to Subway or Quiznos a couple times a week or so. Great convenient way to get in 7-800 cals in 10 minutes.



I mean you can get FOUR double patty hamburgers for $4.33, you can't beat that, and at 300+ cals a pop, you're in for a nice treat.


I was eating subway twice a week for awhile until after one time i had bad stomach cramps and diarrhea for a couple of days.


In the five dollar footlong days it may have been more cost effective to get the foolog and fold it, can't remember. Also, you get double cheese (and toppings) this way. Mmm, cheese.


Wow, trimming carbs by discarding a portion of the bread. I feel sorry for you man.


The bread actually has a lot of calories.


There are a few cases where it's more cost effective. But it depends on the sandwich and the store. I'm looking at a random subway in LA's online ordering page (because it has online ordering)

6" chicken = $4.29
6" chicken 2x meat = $5.29
6" chicken 2x meat/cheese = $5.54
12" chicken = $5.00

However, on other (most) sandwiches, the 6" sandwich is more cost effective.


5 dalla .. 5 dalla .. 5 dalla foot looooong


I love quiznos but my favorite sandwich there is the classic italian regular size but it is 1200+ calories just for that sandwich so subway is a better choice for me. I do however give myself one every 3 months or so.


i get arbies mostly. i get roast beef sandwiches
or burger king's dollar chicken sandwiches


Unless your a pro bber, I don't think you need to worry about Sodium


His name is Jared, he likes to eat the sandwiches....


THIS. 2 times, from 2 different locations in San Diego. But I still go back occasionally if im in the mood for an average sandwich.


You're doing it wrong