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Subway Cheese Steak


I just had one...

I used to have them all the time back at my old job and I loved them. Today I ate one.

Now, I just wanna go on an angry rampage for the amount of balls this disgusting peice of shit sucked. I hated it. I also hated the fact that the worker didn't know what a cheesteak was, and I had to say steak and cheese for her to understand it.

Don't ever eat subway cheese steaks.
I'm so bitter at my wasted money now!


That sucks. BA car in your avatar.


Spicy Italian FTW!


i know what u mean... meats usually really suck at subway. besides turkey or ham... or nothing but a veggie sandwich subway is shit.

a really good alternative for me is quiznos, their meats and overall quality is usually pretty good, for a couple of bucks more...


It's a good thing the worker only responded to "steak and cheese" because those POS sandwiches don't deserve to be called Cheesesteaks.

Steak sandwiches from chain fast food restaurants should be avoided at all costs. Mom and pop sub shops FTW!


Should have forked over the extra cash and gotten...

A large size stuffed-crust double sausage pizza.

I ate it all in one sitting. And haven't moved since.



Yup steak and cheese sucks in subway.
Personal favourite is turkey and ham


Double meat sweet onion teryakii


Now that sounds delicious! I'm planning on devouring a large, all-meat pizza myself tomorrow.


the old steak and cheese at subway kicked ass, havent gotten the new one. fuck that. also its all about the chicken bacon ranch baby!


Yeah, they normally cause 'issues' that lead to an emergency trip to the restroom.


double meat chicken and bacon.



It was a piece of dog shit covered in bull vomit. I even drank like 3L of water just to try and throw up but it never came out. I don't feel like gagging myself or getting punched in the gut.

Damn it all to hell


Sliced ham and crumbled kitkat (Don't know if you have them outside the UK - it's like a wafer biscuit thing covered in chocolate).

Serious WIN.

Ok so they don't sell them in Subway - but they SHOULD!


I tore through a "family size" kitkat this past weekend. Never thought to add them to a sammich.


Seriously? I have some kitkat bars around here somewhere. What else do you put in the sandwich? Mustard, tomatoe, etc.?


sandwich of doom...

mars bar and apple :D:D:D:D:D


I like the meatball subs at Subway, I could eat two of them. They are only 5 bucks, and surprisingly filling. I get mine loaded with triple olives and onions.

Once I was at the Subway at my school ordering a meatball, with this 120 lb. emo looking boy next to me in line. He ordered a 6 inch veggie, toasted.

It was the same price as my meatball, which I thought was very odd. I mean, there couldn't have been more than 200 calories in his sandwich, yet he paid as much as I did for mine which had at least three times as many calories.

Why waste money like that? 200 calories can be had for a fucking dollar.

Some people don't have their priorities straight.


Italian BMT with extra pickles and jalapenos.


A little horse cum slathered on top?