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Subtle Tweaks?


aside from it being "cutting season", what subtle tweaks have people made in their training recently that they feel is making a big difference?

for me, oddly enough, a new pair of shoes has made a difference in my training. ive always trained in DC skate shoes (grew up skateboarding and they have always just felt really natural on my feet) but recently switched over the chuck taylors. I feel more steady now, especially on my deadlift. my gym doesnt allow bare feet and socked feet feel like they are going to slip out from under me.

so what about you guys? hopefully some of us can implement some of your subtle changes in our training.



Had it laying around my apartment for the longest time, never used it.

Finally, threw it in the gym bag and training has taken a turn towards the better,

Especially on heavy pressing overhead, flat, and incline I feel a lot more secure on my top set.


ya i like chalk on heavy OH press too. i use a thumbless grip so the bar feels much more secure when i use chalk.


Listening to my own music. I suffered for years with the gym's music selection. Blah. Finally found a good pair of headphones that stay on and don't dig into the back of my ear.

Not exciting, but true.

Oh, and I started listening to rap and hip-hop instead of metal.