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Substitutions for Dairy....


So I am trying to help my brother change his daily diet and make better food choices...

but i'm stuck on breakfast!!

he HATES all dairy-- eggs, cottage cheese, regular cheese, milk.....catch my drift?

and PLEASE don't mention protein powder-- i mentioned the word WHEY and i thought he was gonna flip! hehe...

any advice?


I have a dairy allergy so for breakfast I eat 2/3 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup of blueberries and 8 oz of lean ground beef. I put goat's milk on the oatmeal sometimes as well


Why doesn't he like protien powder?


yeah i guess i just never thought to use poultry and meats and tofu for breakfast - im such an egg white girl! hehe..

no pp cause he is VERY new to this clean eating thing - and i dont want to do too much too fast with him...im hoping that will come with time...baby steps ya know?!


I make a really good shake with protein powder and you really can't even taste it in there at all. It has cottage cheese (or yogurt) too but once it's all blended its more like a milkshake.

1c water
1 scoop choc protein (Met drive is so good!!)
1 T Flax
1 T Natty Peanut Butter
3 T Cottage Cheese (or plain ff yogurt)
1 T sf/ff pudding mix (butterscotch is the best)
2 packets splenda
4-5 ice cubes

If not...I'd go the oatmeal route. You could mix the oats with some egg whites and make pancakes and top with peanut butter and sf syrup too. YUMMO!!!


Fruits, stir fries, ground beef, chilli, brown rice, sweet potatoes, salads, protein pancakes (contains eggs and protein powder though), wholewheat bread with natural peanut butter (I normally mix some chocolate protein powder with the peanut butter as well) etc