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Substitutes For GHR?

In the absence of a GHR (my gym doesn’t have one), what are the ideal substitute supp lifts when doing a westside type program?

RDL? I like to cycle goodmornings as a max effort exercise, and pull-throughs are a good supplemental, end-of-the workout lift.

Any ideas for something to take the place of GHR?

Replies are much appreciated. Thanks.

Look Up “natural glute ham raise” they arn’t as good, but if its all you got, its all you got, thats waht me and the guys do at our gym. Also stiff leg deadlifts would be a good sustitute. There was also an interesting swiss ball ‘glute ham raise’ in a recent article


i believe i’ve read that RDL’s and arched back- still leg GM’s can be used as substitutes…this version of GM’s has been crushing my low back and hams, while rdls seem to hit me more in the glutes…good luck

i get a light bench & face backwards on a lat pulldown machine. Push off the bench & contract etc…

Hey, thanks for the replies.

So the reason I ask is because I get the impression that glute ham raises should be a staple of my workouts. But straight leg exercises are a great substitute?

Are glute ham raises considered a knee-flexion hamstring exercise, or a hip/ext hamstring exercise?

So my new question is: if I can’t get to a GHR, any type of straight leg hamstring exercise will work, or do I need a flexing exercise like leg curls?

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

i do lying leg curls when i cant do GHRs

[quote]TravisCS84 wrote:
Are glute ham raises considered a knee-flexion hamstring exercise, or a hip/ext hamstring exercise?

It works both which is what makes it so valuable to athletes and sprinters. Some of the guys on the board debate if they’re really that important for power lifters.

I read an article from Elitefts the other day, and they used a bosu ball turned upside down to lay on for the glute-ham raise. just have someone hold your feet or secure them under something. supposed to be a good progression to the poor mans ghr. hope that helps some.


You can do a SHELC if you have no way of doing a natural GHR or one of its variants.

SHELC = Supine Hip Extension plus Leg Curl. So, raise your hips in the air, (while feet are on the ball) and then perform a “leg curl” by bringing the ball towards your butt, (while keeping your hips up). Reverse the movement and you’ve got one rep.