Substitutes for Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong

Hi all,

Have been reading this forum for a little while and this is my first post!

I am looking to try out Athlete Lean Athlete Strong and was wondering if I could get some help with some substitutions for some of the exercises. I currently train at home and don’t have a medicine ball, battle ropes or rowing machine and was wondering what I can use instead please? I have some bands, and barbell and weights, parallel bars and pull up bar.

If it helps, my goal for using this program is to aid in strength and conditioning for judo and my aim is to improve my power and strength endurance. Otherwise my goal is to stay a similar weight and lose body fat which is currently between 20-25%. Up until now I have been doing some 5/3/1 and Coach Sommer’s gymnasticsbodies.

For substitutions I was thinking of replacing the medicine ball and battle rope work with band resisted throwing practice.

Any suggestions appreciated please and also happy to consider other programs.