Substitute to Anaconda Protocol in Europe?

 I know it may seem inappropriate to ask for substitute to Biotest's products, especially on T-Nation. But I'm forced to. So before you start hating on me, please read my post throughfully.
 I'm big fan of T-Nation and a fond user of Biotest supplements. I've been using them numerous times on various occasions, like while doing my Velocity Diet. And I was always super happy with the results, at one time I even ordered that energy drink in can which name I can�¢??t remember of top of my head ( BTW. Extra strong, 10x better than Red Bull). That was during my time in the US.

 But last year I moved back to Europe, specifically to Poland. Unfortunately in Eastern Europe it's almost impossible to find Biotest products, and Shipping from the US will cost a fortune and might take forever.  I searched the internet and couldn't find anything. 
   Next Monday I'm planning to start "I, BODYBUILDER" program, and I know that without Anaconda, the results will be at best medicore. 

 I don't know if it's against T-Nation policy, but maybe people from Europe, or Eastern Europe, or even Americans that know good sites with supplements in Europe, could post links here, or just PM me.
 I would really appreciate all the positive responses. Thank you all in advance.

To me, the biggest problem with ordering Biotest stuff to Poland is how long the customs people sit on them :wink: It does normally get to you within 2 weeks, IF you take care of the paperwork properly (Fedex Poland is not very helpful here). The shipping is slightly more expensive than to London as well.

Have you checked Biotest UK? They distribute Biotest products in Europe. If you only order a small package, their prices might be a bit better (the bigger the package, the better the shipping costs when ordering from the US, so eventually it gets cheaper to order from here).

Where in Poland are you? I’m not ordering anything to Poland until at least Easter (I live in London and only come to Poland during the holidays), but I might be able to ask someone to pass some stuff along when they fly from London to Warsaw. I’ve just ordered my latest Biotest package, so the next one is coming in about a month. I usually pay roughly the 1.6 times the original price after adding shipping and taxes. Rule of thumb is $10 in store translates to roughly 10GBP final cost.



The Anaconda and MAG-10 I would buy from the UK Biotest store, I’m pretty sure you won’t have as much problems with customs ordering from within the EU. It actually works out pretty well at £52 a tub.

But everything else, pill bottles (Indigo-3G, Z-12 etc) I get from the US store and just get someone to bring it over for me.