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Substitute for Weighted Dips


weighted dips have always been a staple of mine for hitting the chest/tris. Unfortunately I have just changed gyms and they have no dip station or anything that I could improvise with (I tried wieghing myself down and doing bench dips… nope).

Any suggestions for a great substitute? Close grip bench press or something?


close grip is going to be alot more tri and alot less chest.

hmmmm, I cant believe a gym would not have a dips setup…

try something like this.


Your brace the bars against the rack sides.

Looks workable, although not really ideal.

Dips mainly hit the lower pecs (along with anterior delts and triceps). Flat bench press and decline bench press do the same.

Do you have a back extension setup at your gym? The handles on those are usually perfect for dips. I do them on the back extension setup if the regular dip station is being used.

I took dips out of my program and added some more incline db/bar press. And since the dips hit primarily the lower pectoral I substituted decline bench in. I save hitting the triceps hard for another day.

Decline dumbbell bench works well. Use a grip with the handles parallel to your body if you really want to simulate a dip.

If you have a power rack, set the safety bars to an appropriate dip hight, lay an olympic bar across them and use the “V” formed by one of the safety bars and the olympic bar to do your dips.