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Substitute for Surge


I have a hard time geting my hands on Biotest's products for a reasonable price, the downside of living in Sweden, so im trying to find a similar swedish product.

I have stumbled over 2 protein-products, one that only contains hydrolyzed whey and the other is a mix of HW and hydrolyzed caseinate.

My question is, does anyone know how big the difference is between HW and HC when it comes to wich absorbs faster?


P.S Pardon my lousy english, and can?t wait for the day when Biotest buys Sweden and make it a supplement-haven. :o) D.S


Hydrolyzed whey absorbs a lot faster. It's what's in Surge and the best protein for PWO as far as our current understanding goes. If you can get some dextrose and maltodextrin, mix it with the HW in equal parts for a ratio of 2:1 of simple carbs to protein.


I think everyone has trouble getting their hands on it regardless of where you live.


Chocolate milk makes a good post-workout drink if you can't use Surge.


I just found some more info about the HW+HC-product.
The company states that the grade of hydrolyzation in the HW is 16% and 27% in the HC.
They also state that 32% of the HW has a moleculeweight between 100-500D, and the same amount for HC is 51%.

Does this mean that it?s the part of the protein thats not hydrolyzed that gives HW an advantage over HC, or is it some other mechanism?


the advantage lies int the molecular weight. The lower it is, the faster it is absorbed. 100- 500 Dalton is quite small and would be perfect. usualy, at this degree of hydrolysis, it taste VERY VERY bad by itself. Is it the case?


Nah, its suppose to taste like strawberry.

Guess i just have to try both products and see which works best.

But i would sure like to get my hands on Surge... sighs


I've tried other hydrolyzed whey products and I just can't stand the taste. I use whey isolate, which I know isn't as good but it's worth it to me for the taste. I gag every time I try to choke down the hydrolyzed stuff.

Caseinate, even hydrolyzed, is going to digest pretty slowly, I'd recommend staying away from it as far as PWO.


Yes, it sure does! Table sugar (sucrose) is well-supported in the peri-workout literature and casein (the primary milk protein) is a quality protein, too, that sustains amino acids in the bloodstream. Still, some added whey could speed up delivery of amino acids into the blood.


I gotta say again this totally blows me away. I can't wait until I get back to college. After I work out I'm gonna go to the DC and wolf down a huge cake with half a gallon of milk. I love the all-you-can-eat DC.


Damn Surge is out of stock again. I've been using a post workout drink from Met-Rx, don't remember the name, but it's nothing campare to Surge. Got to remember to stock up.