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Substitute for Squat Negatives in Smolov?


hi guys,
my gym does'nt has power rack or squat stand, so its almost impossible for me to do squat negative safely.
what can i do in place of squat negative?


Squat Negatives? Why?


smolov has squat negatives in switching phase.


Its not going to be a big deal if you can not do them. Just focus on recovering and preparing for the intense phase. In my opinion, the negatives are there for mental masturbation. Doing ONE squat negative once a week for two weeks will have very little, if any, physical carry over to your training.


Get 3 spotters - or just do lighter weight and do the positive yourself, I really like those (5-10 sec negative, pause at bottom, normal up phase, 3-8 reps for a few sets works great). Not exactly the same thing but better than nothing.


My real question is, how does this guy squat in general without a rack?


thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:
i use these...(what do you guys call it?)
as tim suggested im going for pause squat.
so now theres no heavy component in switching phase can i reduce it from two week to one week?
thanks again.


That's a squat stand.


what max did you use for the intense phase?


  • i thought this is squat stand...nevermind.

-im on 3rd week of base cycle.
ive done 122.5 x 2 kgs (@ 83kg bw) in squats, so i reduced 5 kgs from that and used 117.5 kgs as max in Base cycle.
i know my no. are low despite trying hard(over 2 years of weight training)....aahhhh! :frowning:


do you need something to rest the bar on??

can you build yourself a tower of reebok steppers or something? couple sawhorses?? couple benches??


i thought about those options, but it would need 2 benches and my gym has 2 benches only and chances are both wont be free at the same time and also they are too low.
steppers on bench would be bit risky and make me look like an idiot in the gym! :wink:
they already find me wierd for doing 'full squats', deadlifts, and avoiding machines like plague!


Its hard to tell from just a picture but, you might want to get your technique dialed in before you worry about doing negatives. From the angle the picture is taken, you look up on your toes and the bar looks like its in front of your feet.