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Substitute for Reverse Hypers


Hey again everyone. I am going to try west-side as some of you know but, my gym as I can imagine others doesn't have a reverse hyper machine does any one know how to best substitute these with basic equipment in a gym.


good mornings ...?


RDL's with a lot of stretching afterwards....you also might be able to ghetto rig up something with a bench and the power racks...we have to do shit like that at my gym a bunch...just think of the movement and use your imagination



ya, good mornings, SDL, and rigging up something seems your best option.

Sometimes I grab a small stability ball and lay stomach down on it, wedge my feet under a bench and to a similar motion that way..

You can do this with a partner.

  1. Kneel on both knees.
  2. Partner holds your feet @ achillies tendon so your feet stay on the ground.
  3. lower your torso until you get to the ground and come back up.

This takes strength, so you may need to keep your hands in front of you as you go forward to assist getting back up... then you progress to no hands... to holding 45s against your chest... ARRHR the feeling.


You can do reverse hypers off a glute-ham bench, a back extension bench (Roman chair), a high bench and even a Swiss ball.

Besides that, you can do the exercises already mentioned (RDL's, goodmornings) as well as pull-throughs, leg curls, back extensions, SHELC, etc.


So...ghetto GHRs are a good replacement for reverse hypers?

If you don't have a reverse hyper, I say be thankful that you won't ever have to do high rep single leg reverse hypers right after back xtensions.



what if a guy had a padded attachment like in this vid......

but for simplicity's sake used bands instead of the swinging plate attachment

any thoughts ?



Instead use a bench and grip the sides.