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Substitute for Preacher Curls?


The gym I work out at, during lunch time, is very limited on equipment.

I'm trying to find an exercise that's a decent subsititue for preacher curls, as we don't have a preacher bench here at work.

What I've been doing instead, is grabbing a flat bench and dragging it over to the cable machine, resting my elbows on the bench and curling (cable) the weight as a subsitite.

Just not sure if this is a decent way to substitute, or if there's a similar exercise that might work better.



Hammer curls? Pinwheels?



Get a bench that can be set at an incline and use the inclined portion that your back would normally be resting on for your arms...make-shift preacher.


The only issues I see with this is fitting both arms on the bench. This works great doing 1 armed preachers, but IDK how 2 arms would work. Nonetheless a good idea and worth trying.


Buy an arm blaster and take it to work with you.


As aforementioned, do 1-arm preachers on a inclined bench.


You can also use the back support part of an angled leg press.


If they have an incline bench you are good to go


Back up against a wall


Agreed, it's actually a great arm staple.


If you want to work both arms simultaneously--with an EZ Bar, etc--support your arms at a 45 on a Swiss ball. Or x2 on 1-arm DB curls on incline bench.


As corny as they may sound, I enjoy the arm blaster. I don't have one of my own but in the occasional gym I go to I see one and always use it.


I'd say, use two benches. But that would bring you dangerously close to 'curling in the squat rack' territory. I sometimes see guys at my gym just using the side of a bench to do curls, obviously the angle isn't quite there, but I imagine it's not entirely useless either.


Use an incline bench, set at about 45 to 60 degree incline, and lay chest down on it. Then use an EZ curl or DBs with your arms hanging straight down. It is somewhat similar to doing curls on the straight side of a preacher bench, or spider bench curls. Your shoulders are in a forward position.

You have to check so see if the support that props the incline bench up will interfere with the movement of the bar. I just squatted down a little to grab the bar and then you can rest your knees on the seat. Great pump and go lighter at first.

Something else really cool I got from Nick Nilsson was to do standing ez bar curls, but bring the bar over to a cable weight stack. put the pulley on the bottom. Wrap a towel around the middle of the EZ bar, and then take the bitter end of the cable with the carabeener and wrap it around the bar with the towel on it and clip it to itself, that will keep it from sliding around as much. Then curl with about 60-70% of the weight you would normally curl and add some weight from the weight stack. It keeps you from cheating and creates a nice line of pull so your biceps are under tension at the top of the movement.



with your triceps/elbow maintaining constant contact.

Don't see any point in using the Swiss ball as a surface, not providing much support and you could probably use the elasticity of the surface to help you during reps, which would suck.


Concentration curls.